Real Life ‘Vampire’ Cat Looks Truly Evil, But Is She?

Despite her devious appearance, Kaet says Loki is totally NOT a vampire cat. Though she’s suffered from a number of health problems, she seems to be doing well thanks to her human companion.

But, there have been talks about a potential Vampire cats movie in recent years, with would-be filmmakers noting, “Long have humans dominated the idea of vampires, when there aren’t any in existence. Cats have been quite about this for centuries – if humans knew the truth about vampires, cats would be persecuted. A new age is upon us, and now is the time to shed some light on this subject.”

They reference things like nine lives, witches, cats stealing the breath of
a baby as all possible explanations for humans lack of understanding that there are vampire cats.

If the movie ever does come to fruition, Loki should certainly get the starring role, don’t you think?