17 Unusual Bird Nests Built In The Oddest Of Places


Birds are capable of adapting to so many different environments; no matter what they have to work with they make it happen. Not all birds nest, but all birds need a safe secure place to lay and hatch their eggs.

Scientists have found that birds can improve their nest making skills with time, meaning the older and wiser birds are more likely to have a cool nest. Savvy nest building skills are a must considering agriculture and urbanization robs birds of much of their natural nesting habitats.

Man-made birdhouses were first invented around the 15th or 16th century, they have risen in popularity as a way to help birds find a home when the picking is slim. Humans originally instituted some of the nests on this list, but most are all the work of birds. These unusual bird nests show just how clever birds are when it comes to building a home.

1. There Was An Old Birdie That Lived In A Shoe…


Photo Credit: Livesay Photography

2. Not Such An Unusual Bird Nest, But A Super Cool Process!


Photo Credit: ExclusivePics

3. Bike Basket Turned Nest


Photo Credit: Unknown

4. This Goose Figurine Became The Perfect Place For A Real Bird To Nest


Photo Credit: animalsalvation.org

5. Blue Tit Builds Nest Tucked Inside Of A Lamp Post


Photo Credit: Jeanette Rosenquist

6. Swallow Nest In Old Lamp


Photo Credit: Robert E Fuller

7. Duck Nesting In Planter


Photo Credit: effectivewildlifesolutions.com

8. Traffic Light Nest


Photo Credit: matrixworldhr.com

9. Do Not Use Birds Nesting!


Photo Credit: cascade news

10. This Guy Left His Car Unattended For 6 Days, Giving This Bird Plenty Of Time To Make A Nest And Lay Some Eggs


Photo Credit: gorbok

11. This Bird Prefers To Live Outside


Photo Credit: Unknown

12. Small Patio Wind Chime is Big Enough For This Hummingbird Nest


Photo Credit: birdingthebrookeandbeyond.com

13. Old Teapot Bird Nest


Photo Credit: pixohub.net

14. Dove Nest On A Wreath

MODO  Mourning Dove

Photo Credit: animalsalvation.org

15. Nest On A Statue


Photo Credit: animalsalvation.org

16. Apparently, Cigarette Bins Are A Popular Place For Birds To Nest…


Photo Credit: Central Scotland News Agency

17.  This Minibus Engine Is Now A Nest


Photo Credit: Ross Parry

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