The Ultimate List Of Children’s Halloween Costume Ideas


There is nothing more fun than picking out your halloween costume each year, especially when you are a little kid. The options are endless, do you want to be something nice or someone naughty? Do you want to wear a mask, a wig, or both?

Before you are old enough to pick out your own costume your parents get to have in on the fun, picking out whatever adorable creation they wish to turn you into for the night. The parents of these adorable kids went all out, I have to say these are hands-down some of the best halloween costumes for kids I have ever seen!

Albert Einstein 


Edward Scissorhands 

When kids go from cute to creepy…



Watch out Angelia Jolie, looks like we’ve found the perfect up and coming Maleficient!


I. Am. Toy. Solider.

This costume looks so real it’s hard to believe a real kid is underneath all that green armor. And check out the platform that appears to be glued to this kid’s feet–no details went forgotten with this great costume.


Harry Potter and Fluffy 

Bring your family dog in on the fun with this cute pair costume.


Jack Frost 

With his gorgeous blue eyes, this kid makes the perfect Jack Frost.


Biking Baby 

This is simply too good to be true…


Little Old Lady 

She needs to find the kid dressed up as the old man from “Up.” Together the two of them could make a grand entrance at any Halloween party–with miniature walkers and all.


The Dalai Lama


Frida Kahlo 

Someone doesn’t look too pleased about being given a unibrow and mustache… her parents better enjoy the freedom to dress her up like this now, it won’t last long!


Baby Totoro 


Baby Chewbacca and Princess Leia 

This cute brother and sister duo rock a great pair costume idea, especially for all of you ‘Star Wars’ fans out there.


Power Loader Baby from ‘Aliens’

Okay, now this is really cool… and a little bit scary at the same time.



Octo-baby is MUCH cutter than Octo-mom, who’s with me?!


Spaghetti And Meatballs

…and a side of baby!



Since Chucky the living doll is a toddler-sized character made for nightmares, it’s pretty scary to see a kid dressed up in perfect costume… plastic knife and all.



‘Guardians Of The Galaxy’ brings to you Groot!


Jawa From ‘Star Wars’

This dad totally geeked his kid out in this one, and is loving every minute of it! Not going to lie, we are loving it too…


Shark Attack!

This baby is being eaten away by a shark, but that doesn’t stop him from reaching for his pacifier.


Alex from ‘A Clockwork Orange’ 

A rather deep movie for a child, but an adorable costume (and kid) all the same.


Frodo From ‘Lord of the Rings’ 

He is the perfect size to play an Elf, even when standing on the coffee table.


Toothless From ‘How To Train Your Dragon’ 


The Cast of ‘Breaking Bad’

The hardcore group of drug making and dealing characters on Breaking Bad are taking to the streets baby style this Halloween. Does anyone else notice the perfectly placed blue rock candy?


E.T. Phone Home! 

This costume is an easy way to dress your kid up without anyone questioning what they are. All you need are jeans, a red hoodie, a bike, and an E.T. stuffed animal.


Carl From “Up” 

It doesn’t get much cuter, no way no how!


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