This Guy Built Awesome Ukulele Flamethrower Inspired By Guitar Used In Mad Max


One of the many cool things in the movie Mad Max: Fury Road is Doof Warrior’s flamethrowing guitar that starts up whenever the vehicle is in motion. Who wouldn’t want some live music when going out to battle in the desert? Especially from a guitar that spits out flames, pretty badass!

Caleb Kraft from Springfield, Missouri thought the flamethrowing guitar was pretty sweet too, so much so he decided to recreate it by making his own ukulele flamethrower. Kraft has since posted a how-to-guide for anyone that wants to duplicate his awesome invention. He writes, “I didn’t want to try to replicate exactly what he had, and I also wanted to scale things down to be marginally safer. My version can be built from hardware store parts in a very short amount of time.”

Of course, just because Kraft safely created his own ukulele flamethrower doesn’t mean the project is without risks. Fire always presents the potential for danger. Make sure to take all safety precautions if you decide to make your own.

Kraft works as a community editor for Make: Magazine and has previously worked as an instructor for 3D modeling, an IT administrator and small business owner. Check out the video below to learn how to make your own ukulele that shoots out fire.


Learn how to make your own Ukulele Flamethrower in the step-by-step video below:

Photo Credits: calebkraft.comFacebookTwitterYouTube

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