Incredible Photos Show Two Starving Dogs Transformed Into Healthy, Happy Pups


In July of this year, Chicago police discovered two starving dogs in an abandoned building. The poor dogs were emaciated and sad looking, as well as on the verge of possible death. Images of the skeletal pups will easily ruin your day, that is until you see their incredible transformation in only a few short months. The difference in the two dogs’ appearance proves that proper care, yummy dog food and love are life savers.

Emmy is the brown dog and Oscar is the white dog with spots. Both Emmy and Oscar looked like walking skeletons when police first discovered them. They didn’t just look hungry they were also experiencing serious health consequences related to starvation. Thanks to the vets at the Trio Animal Foundation they were given a specially regulated diet and it didn’t take long to plump these beautiful dogs back up.

Emmy was adopted by one of the vet technicians at Trio Animal Foundation, but Oscar is still in need of a loving forever home.

Emmy and Oscar were a sad sight when they were found starving in an abandoned building:

two-starving-dogs-transform-rescued-trio-animal-foundation-chicago-10These before and after pictures say it all. These two dogs went from hungry, scared and sad to healthy and happy, and in only a few months time.

two-starving-dogs-transform-rescued-trio-animal-foundation-chicago-11Emmy weighed a scary 24 pounds when she was first checked over by the vets

two-starving-dogs-transform-rescued-trio-animal-foundation-chicago-4In order to plump these dogs back up and restore their spirits they required an extra special diet, as well as lots of love.Vet technician Anthony loved Emmy so much he adopted the dog.

two-starving-dogs-transform-rescued-trio-animal-foundation-chicago-7Oscar is equally awesome but still needs a home to call his own.

two-starving-dogs-transform-rescued-trio-animal-foundation-chicago-6Learn how you can support Trio Animal Foundation and help more dogs like Oscar and Emmy here.

Photo Credits: trioanimalfoudnation.orgFacebook

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