Meet Roux: The Adopted Two-Legged Bunny-Cat Taking Over Instagram


Roux is an adopted two-legged bunny-cat with a very inspirational message: No matter what happens in life you can find ways to make it work. Roux was born without two front legs, which seems like quite a challenge for a cat but Roux gets around just fine, she is actually pretty fast!

Who is the lucky owner of this adorable two-legged bunny cat? It’s Jackie Deak Akey from Louisiana. Jackie works at a veterinary clinic located in New Orleans, it was here that a client who runs an animal rescue told her about Roux. The cat’s previous owners dropped her off at a shelter because she couldn’t bury her waste in her litter box without front legs. After Jackie saw a photo of the cat she was sold, “it was absolutely love at first sight.”

The very next day Jackie took Roux home for the first time. Since that fateful day she has watched her once unwanted feline transform into a social media celebrity. Roux now has over 54.8k followers on Instagram thanks to her adorable antics and outgoing personality, plus she serves as a sweet piece of hope and inspiration for all.

In an interview with Roux’s owner explained the cause of her condition, “She was born without them due to a congenital abnormality, most likely due to a rare condition called transverse terminal hemimelia. Her X-rays show that her front legs stop at the humerus, the upper bone of the front leg.”


Roux is known as the bunny-cat because of the way she gets around sometimes, bouncing like a bunny:

She finds ways to accomplish everything she wants:

Jackie explains how it breaks her heart that someone gave Roux away because she couldn’t use the liter box properly, “She certainly tries as best she can with her nubs every time. They just are unfortunately not long enough to reach the litter.”

adopted-cat-hops-two-legs-instagram-celebrity-roux-2Roux doesn’t always hop like a bunny, she has a faster speed too:

As for her adorable little bobtail, her owner says that’s probably a congenital abnormality as well.

adopted-cat-hops-two-legs-instagram-celebrity-roux-14Roux gets along just fine without any prosthetics. In the future she will have check ups with the vet to ensure she doesn’t need anything else to help her comfortably navigate the world.

adopted-cat-hops-two-legs-instagram-celebrity-roux-10For now she is just living the good life on two legs and it’s puuuurrrfect!adopted-cat-hops-two-legs-instagram-celebrity-roux-12Keep up with Roux by following her on Instagram!

Photo Credits: Instagram