Marriage Is Compromise: Couple Has Awesome Two-Face Wedding Cake


Marriage is full of compromises, but that doesn’t mean anyone has to go to bed wearing a frown. This couple proves compromise is about making everyone happy, just take a look at their amazing two-face wedding cake. The bride, Kia Parsons, wanted a traditional cake and her comic fan groom, Billy Bunning, wanted something to delight his obsession with superheroes.

Classic wedding cakes and superhero-themed wedding cakes are on opposite ends of the spectrum, yet this beautiful cake offers the best of both worlds… and then some!

Tier-by-Tier, the Milton Keynes-based company that baked the cake for the UK couple combined both of the couple’s interests perfectly. The idea for the two-faced cake is credited to Bunning, but the masterful execution of the idea is all thanks to Tier-by-Tier.

The front of the 4-tier cake appears completely classic in style with layers of white frosting, confectionery roses and delicate pearls. Yet if you take a peak around back the cake perfectly splits to reveal the groom’s favorite superheroes, Marvel’s Captain America, Spider-Man, Iron Man, and Batman.

While ‘Two-Face’ is Batman’s nemesis, this two-face cake is the perfect solution to pleasing a traditional bride and a groom giddy for comic books.

Classic wedding cake for the bride…

weddingcakeAnd a cake for comic fan’s to drool over for the groom…

wedding-cake-marvel-superheroes-dc-comics-tier-by-tier-2All put together into one two-face wedding cake

wedding-cake-marvel-superheroes-dc-comics-tier-by-tier-1This couple proves you can make everyone happy!

wedding-cake-marvel-superheroes-dc-comics-tier-by-tier-3Photo Credits:

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