Traveling Russian Photographer Captures Breathtaking Morning Views From His Tent


Can you imagine what it would be like waking up to a view like this? Kind of makes your drape-covered windows look a bit dull in comparison. Above, you see Oleg Grigoryev at 10,334 feet (315m) up in the mountains, looking out over Big Allo Lake.

Get used to these incredible views, this hiking photographer took photographs as he hiked all the way up the gorgeous Fann Mountains of Tajikistan. Offering us all a glimpse of what it would be like to truly wake up to the best view ever.

Here is a photo documentation of his journey from the lower elevations of the mountain, all the way up to the tallest peaks.

Muddy Lake located at 11,811 feet (3600m)


Waking up to the same four white walls gets boring for Oleg Grigoryev, he prefers to wake up with a variety of views. Each one more beautiful then the next, and all of them for free. On one of his latest journeys, Oleg created this collection of photos called “Morning Views From The Tent.” This series brings you into the life of a traveling camper, which looks pretty ideal if you ask me!

This mountain range is massive, with the tallest peak over 15,000 feet. As Oleg hiked upwards, he would set up camp at different elevations along the way. Each morning when he awoke, he took a photo of the view he was blessed to share with nature.

Kulikalon Lake 


More than 90% of Tajikistan is covered in mountains, making it one scenic body of land. Not only are these mountains beautiful but they are also packed tight with history. Remains from civilizations dating back to the 4th millennium BCE have been found in the area.

This land has belonged to many different people, cultures, and religions throughout history. There are no barriers when it comes to exploring these mountains lush with knowledge, Oleg is a lucky guy! I think I might go pack my hiking bags–I only hope my legs will carry me all the way up.

Lake Alaudin 


It’s interesting to notice how Oleg’s clothing changes along with his elevation and location. Sometimes he is in socks, sometimes he is barefoot, and at the very top of the mountain you may notice he is in full snow pants and boots. No matter what the weather is, it always looks somewhat comfortable, or maybe that’s just because Oleg is so prepared for everything the mountain throws his way.

The changing scenery is one way to wake up with a fresh perspective every morning. While incredibly rewarding, it’s not easy to climb at elevations like this, the air is much different and is difficult to breathe. Without proper climbing experience and preparations, people can experience elevation sickness on the way up.


Surrounding area near Mirali Peak 


Climbing up all of this way took an obvious tool on Ogly’s body. You can see he has various feet injuries when the shoes and socks come off.

Looking Out Over the Fann Mountains 


The Fan mountains, also known as the Fanns, are the western Pamir-Alay mountain system, located in Tajikistan’s Sughd Province. There are over one-hundred different peaks making up this mountain range. The most popular time for climbers to venture the mountains is when the weather is fairly mild, this is May through October.

Chimtarga located at 15,419 feet (4700m)

The Chimtarga is the tallest peak in the entire mountain range, which is evident by this photo alone. Suddenly you are no longer looking up at the peeks, but straight across and down.


And if you are wondering what Oleg looks like from the knees up, there he is!


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