Farmer And His Son Build Transformers From Scrap Metal In China And Make $160K A Year


It’s no secret that the trash problem in China is REALLY bad, but as the saying goes… one man’s trash is another man’s treasure. This father and son duo have found the perfect way to utilize trash, they create recycled Transformers from scrap metal.

Yu Zhilin, who has a background in fine arts, realized he could create his own robot statues using recycled scrap metal car parts during his free time from farming (his full-time job). It took some time, but within 3-years he and his son, Lu Yingyun, completed their first sculpture within the walls of an abandoned factory. Since then, their Transformers from scrap metal have only grown bigger and better.

The detailed Transformer robot sculptures have turned into a growing success, in fact the Hunan farmer and his son sell enough to total over 1 million yuan ($160,000) in profits a year.


Chinese farmers truly have limitless ingenuity, this farmer and son prove you can create a thriving business from anything… even trash!

Their latest recreations of the famous Bumblebee and Optimus Prime have now gone viral, simply because they are so incredible to look at. Plus, these statues are even cooler since they are made from scrap metal that would otherwise pollute landfills.


In China, the Transformers franchise is a big deal with the latest installment earning more money than any other film in China ever.


There were struggles at first but with help from his son and a little experience Yu Zhilin is now considered the leading amateur Transformer’s builder within the Hunan province.


The Transformer robots draw a lot of local and international attention, from both curious onlookers to interested buyers. The statues are often purchased and placed out on display by malls and other public attractions, as well as private collectors.


Clearly, this resourceful team can’t wait for the next installment of Transformers!




Photo Credits: shanghaiist.comrocketnews24