Office Worker Uses 8,024 Post-It Notes To Transform Boring Office Walls Into Superhero Murals


Ben Brucker works for a creative agency, but there wasn’t anything creative about the way his office looked. In fact, Ben was sick and tired of looking at the boring white walls that surrounded him day after day, and so he decided to do something pretty genius about it.

Every office has plenty of post-its, and it was this popular paper product that inspired Ben. His goal was to transform boring office walls into a series of pixelated superhero portraits. The end results included 8,024 post-its and couldn’t possibly look more awesome!

Ben Brucker took his time on the post-it superhero mural, it didn’t just happen one day at work. Instead, Ben writes on Reddit that he spent a few weeks planning and designing his superhero characters before he went to work bringing them to life.

Before Ben started working on the mural, he was wise enough to get permission from his boss. His boss not only approved of the idea, he also gave Ben a $300 budget to purchase necessary materials, and also helped put up the post-its when it was finally time.

Ben and his boss decided post-its were the perfect material for the superhero mural because they are moving offices in a few months and needed a non-permanent solution to transform boring white office walls.


“One day I just got so tired of how sterile and boring our office felt, I thought I should do something about it.”


This is the amazing “something” Ben decided to do to transform boring office walls…


“Superheroes were the answer. I started working out the pixel grid and designing some characters.”


Applying the post-its to the wall took one day, from 10AM to 5:30PM.


“Some wonderful people in my office volunteered to come in over the weekend to install the mural.”


“This is a creative agency. This is the kind of thing we are supposed to have on our walls, and the kind of thing that we enjoy.”


“There are a lot of leftovers, and some colors from the packs were not used at all. I ended up purchasing about 9,000 post-its.”





Watch a time-lapse video of the post-its going up:

Photo Credit: Reddit