Toy Maker Transforms Kids’ Drawings Into Real Stuffed Animals


Was there a certain character you routinely drew as a child? If so, could you imagine if that drawing was turned into a huggable, lovable stuffed animal? It may sound too good to be true, but for some lucky kids it’s an actual reality. All thanks to Budsies, an up and coming company that takes drawings by children and creates plush doll replicas of their artwork.

This awesome gift idea can make children (and adults) overjoyed, after all it doesn’t get much cooler than seeing your own creations come to life. Read on to learn more about Budsies and check out some of their sweetest creations yet!


This awesome idea was born out of pure sisterly love. The creator of Budsies was 16-years old when her little sister Michelle was born. Throughout the years she watched her sister’s drawings end up on the fridge for a little while before being thrown away. This bothered her; she wanted her sister’s creativity to remain cherished, not forgotten.

Then, one day as she observed baby sister Michelle tucking her stuffed animals in for bed, giving them each a big hug, she was struck with an idea. It was from here that Budsies was born. The goal was to bring Michelle’s drawings to life in the form of a permanent creation, a stuffed animal!


Budsie stuffed animals are carefully prepared in accordance with the highest standards of stitching and materials. Each plush creation is made with new hypoallergenic polyester shell and filling, and carefully inspected for safety.


It takes a while for each specially made Budsie to be completed. It all begins with a piece of artwork getting approval from the Art Director. Once approved, the team designer interprets artwork. Next, the planning and prep work is conducted, which includes finding just the right colors, materials, and additional features to craft the perfect personalized toy.

Finally, one of the professional seamstresses hand sews the finished product. Before the toy is packed and shipped off, it must pass a stress test in order to guarantee it’s safe for children 3 years or older to hug, chew, cuddle, and love.


For only $69 you can have a personalized Budsie of your very own. Drawings, paper crafts, and even photos of real people can be transformed into a dream like stuffed animal. The team can usually create even detailed and seemingly tricky designs. Generally, the only things off limits are trademarked characters.


After placing your order for a Budsie, it takes on average about 8 weeks for your new pal to arrive in the mail. While Budsies are mostly made for kids, many adults have also been ordering these fun stuffed animals as unique gift ideas for other adults.


Budsies offers special pricing discounts and packages when you order in bulk, for instance if you are throwing a birthday party they can guarantee the best party favors in town!


All Budsies are 16″ inches, made to hug, lug around, and withstand all of the love kids give their stuffed animals. Budsies arrive hand wrapped with a printout of the original artwork you send in.









Besides crafting the coolest stuffed animals in town, the team over at Budsies is busy doing many good deeds, including gifting personalized stuffed creations to children going through rough times, as well as children battling cancer. Budsies works directly with the Leukemia & Lymphoma Society of Eastern Pennsylvania, as well as multiple other organizations helping children in need.

There are a number of ways you can help, by simply purchasing a Budsie for your own child, or sponsoring a batch of Budsies for children in your name. Visit the giving back section on the Budsies website for more information.


Photo Credits: budsies.comInstagram