12 Totoro Cakes That Look Too Good To Eat


Totoro is popular all over the world; no one can resist the adorable forest spirit. People young and old want a piece of Totoro, and these awesome Totoro cakes make that an actual reality… that is if you can bring yourself to cut a slice considering they all look too good to eat (aka destroy).

The Japanese animated classic by Studio Ghibli reminds us to give into our inner child and let loose. There’s no better way to release all inhibitions and grin like a kid in a candy store than to dig into a delicious slice of cake.

Some seriously talented bakers whipped up the creative Totoro cakes on this list. The bright, big and round characters make the perfect subjects, further complimenting the sugarcoated artwork. Check out these awesome edible renditions of Totoro and friends and get some inspiration for your next birthday cake… just try not to drool too much!

totoro-cake-food-art-2__605Photo Credit: Rebecca Mcdowell

totoro-cakes-34__605Photo Credit: Cakes by Jadebutterfly

Photo Credit: Deliciously Yummy Sydney

totoro-cakes-21__605Photo Credit: sugarpongdang

Photo Credit: chihiro._.ogino

totoro-cakes-3__605Photo Credit: radkitty

Photo Credit: Natalia Lui

Photo Credit: space_mermaidd

totoro-cakes-16__605Photo Credit: gimme_cupcakes

totoro-cakes-5__605Photo Credit: mollymaggie.madrid

totoro-cakes-30__605Photo Credit: Celebrate With Cake

totoro-cakes-7__605Photo Credit: mollers_xd

Totoro, We Love You!

totoroPhoto Credit: EarthPrints

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