Top 10 Places To Enjoy A Hot Air Balloon Ride

A Flight To Remember Photo Credit- Shishir Sathe

When was the last time you thought flying was an experience to be cherished and savoured slowly? Congested airports, frequent delays and ever-decreasing-legroom in airplanes has made flying tedious and often frustrating. How about a little touch base with the joy of flying?

Join any of these hot air balloon rides over some of the most spectacular locations, and we promise, flying will never be same again.

1. Two Balloons Flying Over Flatirons 

Two Balloons Flying Over Flatirons Photo Credit- Scott MahonPhoto Credit- Scott Mahon

2. Hot Air Balloon On A Golden Afternoon, California

Hot Air Balloon On A Golden Afternoon Photo Credit- Glenn McCarthyPhoto Credit- Glenn McCarthy

Hot Air Balloons over this green open land and rolling hills in California.

3. Willamette Valley Ballooning 

Willamette Valley Ballooning Photo Credit- Nick BorenPhoto Credit- Nick Boren

Hot air ballooning in the Willamette Valley of Western Oregon.

4. A Flight To Remember, Lake Tahoe

A Flight To Remember Photo Credit- Shishir SathePhoto Credit- Shishir Sathe

Hot Air Ballon over Lake Tahoe.

5. Balloons And Canyons 

Balloons And Canyons Photo Credit- Phyllis TaylorPhoto Credit- Phyllis Taylor

6. Balloon Fantasy, New Jersey

Balloon Fantasy 31 Photo Credit- Allen BeattyPhoto Credit- Allen Beatty

The vivid, vibrant colors, patterns, lines, shapes and graphic designs form a great subject for a photographer. Taken at the Quik-Chek Balloon Festival held each year in Readington, N.J.

7. Hot Air Balloon And Longs Peak, Colorado

Hot Air Balloon And Longs Peak Photo Credit- James BO InsognaPhoto Credit- James BO Insogna

Colorful hot air balloon with the stripes of agriculture farmlands in the foreground and the Twin Peaks, Mt Meeker 13,911 feet and Longs Peak 14,256 feet. A beautiful Colorado Morning.

8. Reflections of Prosser Hills

Reflections of Prosser Hills Photo Credit- Carol GroenenPhoto Credit- Carol Groenen

9. Balloon Festival In Monument Valley, Arizona

Balloon Festival In Monument Valley Photo Credit- Brian JannsenPhoto Credit- Brian Jannsen

Hot air balloons drift past the Three Sisters and the Thumb rock formations, Monument Valley, Navajo Tribal Park, Arizona USA.

10. Hot Air Balloon in Morning Fog, Canada

Hot Air Balloon Morning Fog Photo Credit- Jamie RoachPhoto Credit- Jamie Roach

Hot air balloons lift off in the morning at Sussex, New Brunswick, Canada.