Top 10 Island Nations You Must Visit At Least Once

Havana Harbor Lighthouse Photo Credit- Karen Wiles

Who doesn’t love the sun, sand and beach? We bring you Top 10 island nations that you must visit at least once in your lifetime. With pristine beaches and stunning landscapes, these pictures will transport you to another world where life is slow, relaxed and easy-going. These countries might be just a dot on the world map, but they are superbly rich in their culture, heritage, flora & fauna and of course natural beauty.

1. Malta 

Malta 02 Photo Credit- Tom UhlenbergPhoto Credit- Tom Uhlenberg

The Azure Window – natural arch on the coast of the Maltese island Gozo

2. Maldives 

Painted With Turquoise, Maldives Photo Credit- Jenny RainbowPhoto Credit- Jenny Rainbow

Perfectly turquoise water of the lagoon in Maldives.

3. Philippines 

Seascape, Philippines Photo Credit- MotHaiBaPhoto PrintsPhoto Credit- MotHaiBaPhoto Prints

Beautiful seascape in Philippines.

4. Havana Harbor Lighthouse 

Havana Harbor Lighthouse Photo Credit- Karen WilesPhoto Credit- Karen Wiles

Castillo del Morro, the entrance to Havana Harbor, in Cuba.

5. Fiji 

Paradise Island In South Sea Photo Credit- Lars RueckerPhoto Credit- Lars Ruecker

Paradise Island in South Sea

6. Japan 

Sundown Photo Credit- Ryan WyckoffPhoto Credit- Ryan Wyckoff

A beautiful sunset photo taken at Araha Beach, Okinawa, Japan.

7. Sri Lanka 

Mystique Photo Credit- Andrew ParanavitanaPhoto Credit- Andrew Paranavitana

The view at dawn, captured at the top of Adam’s Peak, a 2,200 metre tall mountain in Sri Lanka

8. Madagascar 

Avenue Des Baobabs, Madagascar Photo Credit- Michele BurgessPhoto Credit- Michele Burgess

Avenue Des Baobabs, Madagascar

9. Barbados 

Barbados Beauty Photo Credit- Sophie VigneaultPhoto Credit- Sophie Vigneault

10. Samoa 

Another Day In Paradise Photo Credit- Karen LewisPhoto Credit- Karen Lewis

Beach in Samoa