Top 10 Most Famous Portrait Photographers From Around The World

00735_19, 0735_19, Rajasthan, India, 2010

What is one thing the most famous portrait photographers all have in common? Each one knows how to photograph the true identity of the person in front of the lens. Images are taken at just the right moment, so that each picture tells a story, one that is personal, cultural, and human.

In no specific order, enjoy these portraits taken by 10 of the most famous travel portrait photographers from all around the world.

Lee Jeffries 

Lee Jeffries caught the world by storm with his black and white photographs of homeless people. He calls his project, “Lost Angels.”




Jimmy Nelson 

Jimmy Nelson’s work takes you to another world, he has traveled to more than 16 countries taking photos of tribal and indigenous people. His portraits are more than a picture, but a story about different cultures around the world.




Steve McCurry 

Steve McCurry is best known for his 1985 photograph known as “Afghan Girl.” This stunning image was taken at a refugee camp in Peshawar. This photo is the most recognized photo by National Geographic, although the girl in the photo remained unknown for many years.


In search of her story, McCurry had the chance to meet with the woman again. Her name is Sharbat Gula and she has lived a very hard life damaged beyond repair by war.

When Sharbat was only 9-years-old her parents were killed in a bombing, it was this haunting horror she endured inscribed in those powerful green eyes. When Steve McCurry met with Sharbat she was puzzled why her photo had touched so many people.

McCurry has taken many other magnificent portraits while traveling around the world, each one just as intriguing and telling as the next.


00735_19, 0735_19, Rajasthan, India, 2010

Eric Lafforgue 

Eric’s most famous photos feature individuals from North Korea. Simply looking at his photos offers so much depth and emotion, but Eric also includes stories with his pictures.

His travels include hanging out with many different tribes, from the Namibia to the Yazidis of Kurdistan. The stories he has encountered throughout his journeys are better than fiction.


North Korean Soldier , North Korea

Young Girl With Shiva Make Up, Maha Kumbh Mela, Allahabad, India


Rehahn enjoys taking photos in Vietnam, Rajasthan and Cuba. Each photo digs deep, capturing the very heart and soul of the individual featured in the portrait.


Rehahn has always loved to travel and take photos. While many photographers enjoy capturing great looking scenery, Rehahn has always been more captivated by meeting people and capturing them in a very natural moment.

It is this natural quality that sets Rehahn’s portraits apart, and makes him one of the top travel portrait photographers in the world.



Manny Librodo 

Manny always travels with his camera in hand, ready to capture unique moments for the world to enjoy. Known as a ‘Photoshop wizard,’ Manny’s skills are vast and his popularity continues to grow.




Lisa Kristine 

Famous, and greatly appreciated, for helping to expose modern day slavery, Lisa Kristine is a humanitarian photographer. She has captured a vast variety of portraits documenting indigenous cultures in over 100 different countries.




David Lazar 

David Lazar is a travel photographer from Brisbane, Australia. He ventures around the world striving to capture the moments in life that highlight beauty and culture. When David is not taking photos he is a musician, composer, teacher, and performer.




Phil Borges 

You can see the hardships these Tibetan refugees live through by simply looking at the deeply touching photographs taken by Phil Borges. Phil uses his talents to bring awareness to humanitarian issues around the world.

He advocates “Storytelling for social change,” and has taken photos of indigenous and tribal cultures for more than 25-years.




Joel Santos 

Joel Santos has a master’s degree in Economics and Management of Science and Technology, but he has now dedicated his life to his favorite pastime, taking photographs. His photographs and photography articles are published all around the world.




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