22 Tired Dogs That Are Definitely Not Letting You Sleep In Your Bed Tonight


Once you give your dog permission to sleep in your bed it’s all over! The bed is no longer yours. Instead, your dog officially owns the coziest space in the house.

The way that a tired dog sleeps actually says something about their state of mind at the time. For example, dogs sleeping on their side are usually taking a nap, while dogs curled up in a ball are likely feeling uncertain or know they will have to get up quickly. If a dog sleeps touching a person or another dog this is a sign of attachment and affection. Dogs sleep on their backs when they are relaxed and trusting of their environment; this also helps them to cool off quicker.

No matter how your dog sleeps if they are allowed in the bed you know good and well you are going to have to fight for your place on your pillow. Good luck getting your bed back because the tired dogs on this list are not letting anyone ruin their beauty sleep!

1. Cat + HUGE Dog = No Room Left In This Twin Bed

dog-sleeping-bed-funny-animal-photos-25__605Photo Credit: TheImpLife

2. You Crazy If You Think You’re Stealing My Spot!

dog-sleeping-bed-funny-5__605Photo Credit: sakura-milk.tumblr.com

3. Two Besties In Bed

Only the very best of friends share the same bed and pillow.

dog-sleeping-bed-funny-1001__605Photo Credit: alfienajax.tumblr.com

4. What’s Wrong With This Picture?

dog-sleeping-bed-funny-animal-photos-18__605Photo Credit: 

5. All Snuggled Up!

dog-sleeping-bed-funny-104__605Photo Credit: 

6. 3 Goldens, 1 Bed And No Room For Any Humans

dog-sleeping-bed-funny-animal-photos-12__605Photo Credit: Unknown

7. It’s A Dog’s World We Just Live In It

dog-sleeping-bed-funny-animal-photos-10__605Photo Credit: imgur

8. This Little Dude Is In His Element… The Bed

dog-sleeping-bed-funny-animal-photos-13__605Photo Credit: wannasmile.com

9. Bed AND Blanket Hog

Sierra Exif JPEGPhoto Credit: Karl W

10. Passed The Heck Out

dog-sleeping-bed-funny-animal-photos-20__605Photo Credit: dogshaming.com

11. This Is What A Real Princess Looks Like

dog-sleeping-bed-funny-animal-photos-23__605Photo Credit: Pri Coupé

12. Together Furever

dog-sleeping-bed-funny-animal-photos-21__605Photo Credit: barb maurer

13. Could Someone Hand Me That Book?

dog-sleeping-bed-funny-animal-photos-30__605Photo Credit: baggybulldogs.wordpress.com

14. I Spy A Sleepy Dog…

dog-sleeping-bed-funny-animal-photos-3__605Photo Credit: CogswelI

15. The Pampered Life

dog-sleeping-bed-funny-animal-photos-31__605Photo Credit:  toastmeetsworld

16. The Best Hiding Spot In The Whole House

dog-sleeping-8-funny-animal-photos-18__605Photo Credit: Karen Villetard

17. Pure Bliss

dog-sleeping-bed-funny-animal-photos-29__605Photo Credit: Jade Elliott

18. Don’t Lift The Covers… Farts Trapped Underneath!

dog-sleeping-bed-funny-8__605Photo Credit: bahhumpug.tumblr.com

19. There Isn’t Even Room For A Micro-Sized Human Here…

dog-sleeping-bed-funny-animal-photos-16__605Photo Credit: Helen Houck

20. Just Waiting For His Lady Friends To Arrive

dog-sleeping-bed-funny-2__605Photo Credit: reddit

21. Bed With Built In Body Guards But Not Much Space

dog-sleeping-bed-funny-1011__605Photo Credit: Unknown

22. Please Don’t Make Me Move

dog-sleeping-bed-funny-102__605Photo Credit: Unknown

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