Find out who lives in the only house on this remote island


Vestmannaeyjar includes a cluster of beautiful islands located near the southern tip of Iceland. Amongst these chunks of land sits one incredibly beautiful island known as Elidaey. If you travel to this tiny little island you will find one single house siting alone on a grassy pasture.

A mysterious cottage isolated from the rest of the world, the very sight of which naturally causes people to imagine all sorts of stories and scenarios about who lives in the house, and why all alone? How do they get their groceries, or medications? After photos of the island went viral on the Internet, even more questions and fabricated stories began to arise.

Gorgeous just to look at, this isolated island home on Ellidaey island has an interesting story with a history dating hundreds of years back.


Around 300 years ago. 5 different families called this island home. Here they survived by fishing, raising their own cattle, and hunting puffins in the area. Thanks to the naturally grassy land, the cattle did very well here, as did the families. Although they did not live in the house that currently sits on the island, instead they resided in huts.


Somewhere around the 1930’s all former residents packed up and left, realizing that their isolated community was short the same opportunities available elsewhere. The only thing residents couldn’t find elsewhere was a better location for hunting puffin. Still, the rumor of a bustling economy awaiting in more populous parts of Iceland, tempted the long-time residents to make the tough decision to pick up and start new.

On a hope for a better life, the island was left alone. But not for long–just look at it, who could resist?


The island is gorgeous, but it’s the actual lodge that inspires people and captivates imaginations of the young and old alike. The lodge was built in 1953 by the Ellidaey Hunting Association and called ‘the hunting lodge.’ The building does not have electricity or indoor plumbing, and sorry, no Internet either! Despite most modern amenities being completely vacant, the island retreat does have a sauna.

Without water or electricity you might be wondering how a sauna operates here, there is some water available. The water used for the sauna, cooking and drinking comes from a rainwater collection system that is located at the lodge. Interestingly, there is a fence built around the outside of the cabin, which makes it all the more mysterious to those that pass by.


Rumors about the house on Elidaey Island include that a shy billionaire lives there or that it was donated to Bjork, the famous singer from Iceland. Neither of these rumors are true, but at least the Bjork story has some hint of truth to it. The singer does have a home on a different island, also located in Iceland, and also called Ellidaey. This island is different though, and is located on the west side of the country.

The real story is that, the house serves as a retreat for a local hunting association. In simplicity, the members come to the cabin for shelter and a sauna when they are not out hunting for puffins.

Unless you are a member of the Ellidaey hunting association, or are close friends with a member, you won’t be able to stay at the isolated retreat. Seeing the magical little house is enough without even going inside, all you have to do is drive by in a boat to catch a glimpse for yourself.


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Image Credits: Christopher Lynn, BrainTrustInc, Gisli Jon, zanthia