How One Couple Quit Their Jobs, Built A Tiny House On Wheels And Hit The Road


Get ready to experience some serious wanderlust after hearing about this couple that built a tiny house on wheels!

It was about two years ago when partners Guillaume and Jenna found themselves in a rather relatable position. As college graduates the two had high rent, rooms full of belongings, college debt and life-hogging jobs. Like many in this same situation they started to worry if this is what the rest of their life would look like, spending most of their time working just to pay for things.

Guillaume wanted to pursue his photography interests, and Jenna ached to harvest her writing talents. With a 9-5 job and endless bills to pay, the two slowly saw their dreams fading away. And then, the pair uncovered the splendid treasure known as the tiny house movement. Jenna writes on Bored Panda, “These artistically designed tiny dwellings inspired us to upend our lives and pursue our dreams.”

Once they knew they wanted to live in a little house on wheels, the couple created three distinct goals: 1. Build a tiny home, 2. Travel around North America for one year, 3. Create a travel journalism portfolio dedicated to alternative lifestyles. Guillaume would take the photos and Jenna would write.


“I was beginning to believe I’d never be able to pursue my passion for writing… but then we came across tiny houses!”


The most daunting task on their list of goals happened to be number one: build a tiny house on their own. Neither Jenna nor Guillaume had any previous experience building anything, but they didn’t let that hold back their chance at living out their dreams. And so with a “we’ll learn as we go” attitude the two embarked on a life changing journey.


“What we didn’t realize was that we weren’t just building a home, we were also challenging ourselves to rethink the idea of ‘home’ altogether.”


They didn’t realize at first how much work it would take. For one, they weren’t just building an everyday house; they had to rethink everything they knew about ‘houses’ to make everything fit in one tiny house. Jenna said, “After dozens of mistakes, life lessons and a brutal downsize, we hit the road with our one-of-a-kind tiny house on wheels!”



In life, nothing worth having ever comes easy. Jenna and Guillaume worked hard to build a tiny home on wheels from scratch, but 6-months after hitting the road they are loving life more than ever. Already this family of 2 people, 1 canine and 1 awesome tiny house on wheels has traveled over 10,000 miles around North America.


It’s been one wild adventure, Jenna wrote, “Along the way, we’ve met numerous like-minded people who build and reside in small structures such as: tiny homes, tree houses, yurts, homemade house boats, etc. Guillaume photographs these alternative lifestyle pioneers in their innovative dwellings, while I write down their stories.”


The couple also started the website, which includes everything from lifestyle posts, travel posts, and even a section of posts dedicated to teaching you how to build your own tiny house. The pair also sources the best campsites for tiny homes based on their experiences, further helping others follow in their footsteps.


Jenna also blogs about their many adventures on the road, detailing everything from celebrating Christmas in a tiny house, to how to keep your life clutter free with very little space to spare.





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You can follow Guillaume, Jenna and their adorable dog as the trio travels throughout North America with their self-built tiny house on Instagram, Facebook and Youtube.


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