7 People That Live In Tiny Homes Smaller Than Your Bedroom


How much space do you really need to live a happy life? People all over the world are reconsidering conceptions about stuff and challenging how much space humans really need to live a comfortable life.

Tinyhousegiantjourney.com travels America  in a portable tiny house interviewing real people that live in houses that measure 200 square feet or less. This is a mere fraction of the average American home, which measures a spacious 2,600 square feet. People on board the tiny house movement don’t miss their stuff much at all. In fact, tiny homes make their owners happier and less stressed out than big houses full of overpriced stuff.

These individuals love their tiny dwellings, each inch of space serves a purpose and the house in entirety allows them financial freedom, no mortgage attached! Even better, they are doing good by the planet and living a more eco-friendly life.

Tiny House Giant Journey writes: “These customized handcrafted tiny dwellings grant their owners financial freedom with a minimalist lifestyle and a small footprint. Armed with tiny kitchens, minuscule bathrooms, lofted bedrooms and multi-purpose furniture, tiny houses are redefining the American Dream and questioning what material objects you really need to be happy.”

Lina lives in a 100 square foot home tucked away in Oregon’s lush greenery.



These-People-Live-In-Houses-Smaller-Than-Your-Bedroom24__880Source: nichedesignbuild.com

Bernadette loves her whimsical 172 square foot home located in Maryland.



Source: The Pinafore Tiny Home

Art’s 117 square foot home is parked directly behind his rock climbing gym in Louisiana.

These-People-Live-In-Houses-Smaller-Than-Your-Bedroom30__880These-People-Live-In-Houses-Smaller-Than-Your-Bedroom31__880These-People-Live-In-Houses-Smaller-Than-Your-Bedroom29__880Photo Source: tinysiphouse.blogspot.com

Vina lives in a 140 square foot home located 100% of the grid in rural California.

These-People-Live-In-Houses-Smaller-Than-Your-Bedroom34__880These-People-Live-In-Houses-Smaller-Than-Your-Bedroom33__880These-People-Live-In-Houses-Smaller-Than-Your-Bedroom32__880Photo Source: solhausdesign.com

After Brittany encountered tiny living overseas she knew she could join the small house movement. She has since built herself a lovely 130 square foot tiny home in Washington.

These-People-Live-In-Houses-Smaller-Than-Your-Bedroom11__880These-People-Live-In-Houses-Smaller-Than-Your-Bedroom7__880These-People-Live-In-Houses-Smaller-Than-Your-Bedroom9__880These-People-Live-In-Houses-Smaller-Than-Your-Bedroom8__880These-People-Live-In-Houses-Smaller-Than-Your-Bedroom12__880Photo Source: baysidebungalow.com

Nomadic John built his tiny home right on top of an antique fire truck.




Photo Source: Instagram

Laura and Matt live and love in a 120 square foot tiny house located in the mountains of North Carolina.



These-People-Live-In-Houses-Smaller-Than-Your-Bedroom18__880Photo Source: 120sqaurefeet.com

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