Artist Skillfully Hand Makes The Tiniest Pottery You’ve Ever Seen


Pottery pieces come in all shapes and sizes, but this is some of the tiniest pottery I’ve ever seen! Talented Washington-based artist Jon Almeda started off his career creating large works of ceramic pottery (the bigger the better) but one book in particular changed his entire approach.

Almeda’s website bio explains: “I am a bit of an extremist. For many years I was throwing massive pieces, the bigger the better type mentality. While browsing a bookstore, I came across a book called ‘Creating Ceramic Miniatures‘ that really changed my whole outlook and approach.”

Almeda quickly realized how meditative it was to create such tiny works of art, and before long he was hooked. The artist now skillfully creates ceramics as tiny as 1” (2.54cm), and these little wonders have become his well-known specialty. It might be the tiniest pottery on the market with many of the pieces as small as a coin or matchbox, but each piece is highly detailed to resemble its larger counterpart exactly.

In order to create such highly detailed tiny works of art Almeda uses a custom designed motorized curio wheel. This allows him the control to secure perfection on such a small scale. Almeda writes, “Throwing small really allows me to focus on the shape and form of a piece. It is a very meditative form of creation.”

miniature-pottery-hand-thrown-jon-alameda-2miniature-pottery-hand-thrown-jon-alameda-4miniature-pottery-hand-thrown-jon-alameda-2miniature-pottery-hand-thrown-jon-alameda-20miniature-pottery-hand-thrown-jon-alameda-21miniature-pottery-hand-thrown-jon-alameda-6miniature-pottery-hand-thrown-jon-alameda-12miniature-pottery-hand-thrown-jon-alameda-10miniature-pottery-hand-thrown-jon-alameda-8miniature-pottery-hand-thrown-jon-alameda-7miniature-pottery-hand-thrown-jon-alameda-9miniature-pottery-hand-thrown-jon-alameda-5Fall even more in love with all of Almeda’s tiny pottery pieces via Instagram, Facebook, and Almeda’s official website.

miniature-pottery-hand-thrown-jon-alameda-11Photo Credits: almedapottery.comFacebookEtsyInstagram

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