This Amazing Dog Probably Has More Skills Than You Ever Will


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Jumpy the border collie might just be the most amazing dog you’ve ever seen. In fact, odds are, he even has more skills than you’ll ever have! And, that’s not an insult – after you watch the video below you’ll understand.


This incredible dog was trained by Omar Von Muller out of Los Angeles, a professional dog trainer whose animals have appeared in a number of films, including Uggie, a Jack Russell terrier famous for his roles in Water for Elephants and The Artist. Von Muller formerly trained police dogs, but has since taken up an independent dog training service. You might have seen him on The Tonight Show, The Ellen DeGeneres Show or Jimmy Kimmel Live.

While there is no doubt that Von Muller is highly skilled at training dogs, Jumpy obviously has a ton of smarts too. Border Collies in general are often ranked as the most intelligent of dog breeds. In his bestselling book, The Intelligence of Dogs, neuropsychologist Stanley Coren, PhD, focuses on trainability as a marker of intelligence, relying on the assessments of 110 breeds by more than 200 professional dog obedience judges who scored breeds based on working/obedience tests. Border Collie was No. 1.

What do you think – could Jumpy be the most talented dog on the planet? Or, do you know one who could do even better?