After Taking These Shots, The Photographer Quit His Job. One Look And You’ll See Why.


Quitting a miserable day job to pursue a career where you can live out your days doing something you’re passionate about is a dream of many. However, for most people, that doesn’t work out.

Understandably, many stick to their current jobs, whether they’re doing something they’re interested in or not. Sometimes people’s dream job just isn’t realistic, or they might have a family to provide for. Staying with their current line of work may offer security and stability they just can’t give up.

But a small number of lucky people are honoring their passions and doing what they love each and every day. Sometimes it’s the worth the risk and you just have to make that terrifying but rewarding leap into your dream career. This photographer did, and I’m sure he hasn’t regretted it since.


Mike Taylor was only an amateur photographer when he made a life changing decision. On St. Patrick’s Day 2013, he took an incredible photo of the Northern Lights from a local lighthouse in Maine. After viewing the shots, he realized that he needed to be photographing full time. It was time to turn a hobby into a career.


Taylor explains that these pictures changed his life, stating, “[this was my] defining moment when I realized I should be teaching other folks how to capture the features of the night sky”.


The night sky was nothing new to him when he quit his job to start taking shots of the stars, explaining in an interview:

“I have always been a “night owl” – I can remember sneaking out of the back door of my home as a teenager on warm summer nights to go sit somewhere in my neighborhood and wonder about Man’s existence while looking up at the stars.”


Since his major career change, he’s been featured on various media outlets, including The Weather Channel,, and NBC News.


Because of light pollution, it can be difficult to see what’s actually going on above our heads at night. But, thanks to Taylor’s photography skills and manipulation using Lightroom and Photoshop programs, he can show us awe-inspiring night displays we otherwise would have missed.


“There is so much to see, so much to hear, so much to enjoy during the dark hours of each day – the moon, the stars, the Milky Way, the occasional meteor, and the spectacular Northern Lights displays,” says Taylor. And he certainly exposes those nightly wonders with his photography.



It just goes to show that, sometimes, following your dreams can work out better than you could ever imagine.


Photo Credits: Mike Taylor via Taylor Photography