The World’s Happiest Dog? Cinnamon Never Stops Smiling Despite Challenges

Happiest Dog Cinnamon

Photo Credit: Caters News

Like dogs? It’s hard not to love this one. Cinnamon, an 11-year-old Shiba is suffering from both Cushing’s disease and glaucoma. No matter what she does and where she goes, she always seems to have a smile on her face. Her smile is often said to elicit positive comments from those that see her, and she’ll be the flower girl at the wedding of her human companion, Andrew Bua, to his fiancee, Ashley Kroop, on July 4th. Though Andrew, an entertainment attorney, got Cinnamon as a puppy back in 2004, it was Ashley that created the Instagram account that made Cinnamon famous.

cinnamon and owners


shiba smiling

Photo Credit: Caters News

Ashley told ABC News, “When she first started living with me I thought she was the cutest dog and always had her smile on and it just seemed like a natural fit for the world to see her smile.”

The New York City resident said that Cinnamon’s smiling expression is not a common Shiba Inu trait but rather what happens when the 30-pound dog starts panting, adding, “It’s really from her panting that makes it look like a smile.”

Though it seems she is one happy dog, whether she’s trying to smile or not. Ashley also noted, “She’s super friendly and super affectionate. She’s the best dog I’ve ever known.”