The Unlikely Sweet Friendship Of A Dog And An Owl


Dogs are supposed to chase and harass birds, not befriend them. Someone forgot to tell Ingo the shepherd dog this fact because he gets along with birds just fine, in fact he might even fool you into thinking he is a bird! Okay, maybe not; but he might think he’s part-bird. After all, his best buddy is a little owl that is literally smaller than the Shepherd’s head.

Professional animal photographer and collage artist Tanja Brandt has some of the cutest models ever. The German-based artist has an awesome dog willing to make friends with all kinds of unexpected wildlife. Ingo the shepherd dog apparently gets along with everyone, regardless of specie. Many dogs want to chase flying birds, but not Ingo. This gentleman knows how to win over even the most unlikely friends, using his handsome charm and good nature, of course.

Case and point: Ingo’s best little pal is a very cute owl named Poldi. Tanja Brandt creates animal photos and collages for work, and these two make the most perfect subjects. The pair is always happy to cuddle up close for a great photo.


Brandt has also photographed Ingo with other shepherds, and multiple fierce birds of prey. Check out Brandt’s website to see all of the adorably sweet and unexpected friendships that Ingo has formed for the camera.

We are not 100% sold on the fact Poldi the owl is real, due to the bird’s lack of motion (not because we don’t believe an owl and a dog can be friends–we know they can be). Poldi just doesn’t seem to move much, but we will let you come to your own conclusions. Either way, the photos are beautiful and share a touching message.


These two best friends do everything together, including taking naps cuddled up close. They also brave through a winter storm so that Brandt can get the perfect photograph.


Enjoying a romantic candlelit conversation…


Ingo doesn’t mind getting wet, but Poldi the owl would prefer to keep his feathers dry.


Coffee anyone? With a little help from Ingo, Poldi knows how to make the perfect brew!


When Poldi gets tired Ingo is happy to carry him in a wicker basket, bundled up tight in a warm red scarf.


One of the greatest things about hanging out with your best friend is feeling 100% calm and comfortable, knowing you don’t have to say a word, or you can say anything at all.


Ingo helps keep Poldi from getting wet with his cute stick trick. A homemade floatation device helps Poldi have more fun out in the water! Loving the addition of the sock flag.


Although most owls don’t choose to swim, recent footage taken by a wildlife photographer proves owls are capable of swimming.

Rare Footage Shows Owl Swimming Across Lake Michigan.


Enjoying a good book together; friends that read together, stay together. By the way–great glasses, Ingo!


Dog might be man’s best friend but Ingo’s best friend is an owl! Ingo truly appears to care about the sweet little owl as the pair get nice and close for the camera. These two do everything together, playing out in the forest, splashing around in the lake, or cuddling at home beneath the warmth of a blanket. The pair’s heartwarming portraits prove that no matter how different two animals (or humans) are, we can all still come together and enjoy this Earth as one.


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Photo Credits: ingoundelse.detier-collagen.de500pxFacebook