The Moon- Captured In 10 Stunning Dreamlike Photos

Moon Dance Photo By Karen Wiles

Oh ! The Moon. One cannot probably escape the romanticism surrounding moon. For years, the moon has been the source of inspiration to poets, authors, filmmakers, painters and yes, photographers. We all love those big full moon nights and probably can never get tired of them. A sense of peace and calm descends as soon as this beauty of our planet Earth emerges in the night sky.

Let’s have a look at the moon- captured in 10 stunning dreamlike photos.

1. Road To Nowhere- Supermoon

Road To Nowhere- Supermoon Photo By Aaron J GroenPhoto Credit: Aaron J Groen

Supermoon rises over this road in eastern South Dakota.

2. Sunset Flight With Full Moon

Sunset Flight With Full Moon Photo By Donna KennedyPhoto Credit: Donna Kennedy

A Southwest plane is seen leaving Reno on a late evening just before the Sun was setting in the Western Sky and full moon visible on the horizon.

3. Full Moon Over Death Valley

Full Moon Over Death Valley Photo By Donna KennedyPhoto Credit: Donna Kennedy

4. Dark Castle

Dark Castle Photo By Carlos CaetanoPhoto Credit: Carlos Caetano

Gorgeous scene with medieval castle at night with stormy sky and full moon

5. Gull Lake Just Before Sunrise

Gull Lake Just Before Sunrise Photo By Donna KennedyPhoto Credit: Donna Kennedy

Taken just before sunrise at June Lake Loop, CA

6. Auspicious Moon

Auspicious Moon Photo By Bob HislopPhoto Credit: Bob Hislop

This full moon is seen rising over the Panama Bay, Panama City, Panama. First the image of moon was captured and then the reflection. Later they were blended together for the ‘Auspicious Moon’.

7. Moon Dance

Moon Dance Photo By Karen WilesPhoto Credit: Karen Wiles

A fiery blaze of romance and warmth in this full moon rise behind a mountain ridge of winter trees.

8. Ode To The Moon

Ode To The Moon Photo By Ming GulloPhoto Credit: Ming Gullo

9. White Night

White Night Photo By Marianne CampolongoPhoto Credit: Marianne Campolongo

White night and stark beauty in the Stockholm Archipelago, Sweden.

10. Tres Deseos

Tres Deseos Photo By Taylan SoyturkPhoto Credit: Taylan Soyturk

Mystic seascape with full moon and lighthouse on a cloudy night.