The Heartwarming Friendship Shared Between A 2-Year-Old Girl And Her Pet Pig


2-year old Libby is an adorable little girl with one awesome pet, a 3-month-old piglet named Pearl. This lucky little lady shares her day-to-day life with her special pink friend, as the two grow up together and have a blast along the way.

Lucky for all of us, Libby’s mother is Lindsey Bonnice, a photographer and blogger who captures and shares some of their most adorable moments on her Instagram @livesweetphotography.

Cuteness overload! Meet Libby and her pet pig Pearl:


These two cuties go on all sorts of adventures together, many of which are documented on mommy’s Instagram, which now has over 50,000 followers and counting.


On February 6, Libby turned two-years old. Her mother penned a special blog on Libby’s birthday detailing “the most emotional week” of her life. She starts off writing; “It was two years ago today a little after 8am that you came into this world. I was there by your side when you were born. I had waited by your birth mother all night long holding her hand and comforting her, someone who was mostly a stranger to me yet the women who carried the child who would forever call me mommy.”

Lindsey is Libby’s adoptive mother, but even though she did not carry Libby in her womb for 9-months, she says she carried in her heart the entire time. It was love at first sight for Lindsey and her husband, who couldn’t stop looking at their beautiful new baby girl… and still they worried if they would really be able to take sweet Libby home.

When the adoption papers were officially signed, it all set in and excitement soared. Today, Libby is a happy-go-lucky adorable 2-year-old with parents that couldn’t possibly love her more. Libby also has a big brother who is 5-years-old, he can help teach her everything piggy isn’t qualified for.


Libby is a lucky little girl, growing up in a family that loves animals enough to let her have her own pet pig. Her mom is a big fan of furry friends, hence why the Bonnice’s have three dogs, two cats, one rabbit, one tortoise, two adorable lambs, and Pearl the pig.

Lindsey doesn’t only love animals; she also has a great sense of style and taste. She writes, “I love all things cute, baby, pastel and sweet!”


All of Lindsey’s talented pictures are flooded in sweet shades of pastel, which is spot-on perfect for her specialty: children’s portrait photography. While people near and far request Lindsey to take portraits of their children, the photographer’s own children offer some great practice. When you have ample animals and two cute kids around, there are so many awesome moments for a professional like Lindsey to capture on camera.


If you adore the pretty pink world Libby and Pearl live in, you should check out mom’s Etsy shop, LiveSweetShop. Here, she sells an assortment of sweet presents and everyday goodies.

Lindsey recently launched what is called a Treat Yourself Box, “Filled with all the fun things you wish you had the time and creative energy to find and shop for.” These boxes arrive in the mail monthly and include everything from yummy candies to fun home décor items.

Lindsey hopes to raise enough profits from her business to help other adopting families just like her own. She writes, “God has blessed us so much through adoption and it is now my passion to share adoption love with others!”














Don’t forget to follow Libby and Pearl’s adventures on Instagram!

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Photo Credit: Instagramlivesweetblog.comEtsy