Thanks To The Cat Headband You Can Wear An Entire Kitten On Your Head


The meow-crazy cat spell felines have placed on the world has people everywhere coveting fashion accessories with serious catattitude. You can buy cat-ear costumes, and cat-ear headphones, and now thanks to Japanese designer Campanella, you can now wear a cat hairband!

Campanella’s adorable invention includes a very cute kitten attached to a basic headband, for a style that is uniquely catty. It might seem silly but as soon as Campanella showed her headband off at Design Festa she was inundated with overwhelmingly positive feedback, in fact many people wanted one.

It’s easy to see why, who wouldn’t want to wear an entire kitten on their head?!


When Campanella isn’t busy creating fun fashion accessories, she writes a blog where she often discusses three of her favorite things: fashion accessories, interior design, and cats–but of course!

She has combined her love for fashion accessories and cats to make one truly awesome headband sure to spark up conversation anywhere you go. Although we wouldn’t recommend you wear this headband on a first date.


Campanella regularly attends the Tokyo expo known as Design Festa. The annual event features professional and amateur creators. In 2012, Campanella brought her original cat hair accessory to the design expo. At this time the cat was not yet a headband, but instead a barrette.

The cat hair accessory ended up earning more attention than ever expected, helping Campanella uncover ways to better improve her product.

Many people, all with numerous questions, approached her. Most people wanted to know if they could try it on, and how the life size kitten stayed in place. Campanella kindly let everyone try on her creation and explained that the kitten was clipped into place with a barrette, discreetly attached near the front of the kitty-cat’s collar.


This exposure proved people loved her design but it also revealed flaws that needed to be worked out. The main issue was that the cat barrette slipped back after being worn over an extended period of time. In order to wear the fashion accessory you needed a large chunk of hair for the clip to stay secure. People with short or thin hair were pretty much out of luck when it came to keeping the cat barrette clipped into place.

Campanella went back to the drawing board ready to return to Design Festa the following year with an even better product. She has since turned her cat barrette into a cat hairband. Now the life size kitten is easier and more secure to wear no matter what type hair you have.


As badly as you want to walk around town with a kitten in your hair, Campanella does not regularly produce the cat hairband for sale. Fingers crossed, all of the hype and support surrounding this festively feline accessory will inspire her to offer some for sale.

Campanella regularly updates her blog, and her followers are curiously waiting what she will reveal this year at Design Festa, which is scheduled for May 16-17 at Tokyo’s Big Sight. Hopefully Campenella shows up ready to sell her kitten hairbands far and wide… hey, a cat lover can dream, right?

Photo Credit: hiyorimimuseum