Terrifyingly Cute Jaws-Inspired Crib Made By Creative Uncle For His 2-Month-Old Nephew


Joseph Reginella is one cool guy to know! The New York-based toy and set-prop sculptor knows how to make some truly awesome stuff, like this terrifyingly cute Jaws-inspired crib he made for his two-month-old nephew.

The hilarious crib is full of dark humor, as it literally looks like the baby bundled up inside the crib is about to be devoured by a carnivorous shark. The crib is designed after the infamous scene in Jaws where Quint is about to be consumed by the film’s big, bad monster… Jaws himself!

Mikey Melaccio is the lucky little guy that gets to call this shark-infested crib his very own, and unlike most kids he will probably grow up thinking sharks are cuddly bedtime creatures! Uncle Joseph shared photos of his awesome creation on his Facebook page, and the nifty Jaws-inspired crib has since gone viral. See what all the hype is about, check out the amazing, hilarious, cute, and kind of terrifying crib made by Joseph Reginella here.


The Staten Island-based creator sought inspiration from the 1975 horror film, Jaws. Both young and old have seen this classic film, making the crib that much more relatable and hilarious. Joseph completed the baby bed/boat being attacked by a giant shark in around one week.

He used Styrofoam to form the actual sculpture and then coated the Styrofoam in plastic before using paint to make it look more lively and realistic.


The idea hit Joseph while he was busy working on another project. He was actually building a custom airplane bed for a kid living across the US in California when he was struck with the idea for the Jaws-inspired crib. He was thinking how funny it would be if someone ordered a “terrifying” themed bed for their child instead of the usual mainstream requests.

Within no time Joseph got busy bringing his dark humored idea to life, and the results turned out more fabulous than he ever could have hoped for. Let’s just say the Melaccio family is super lucky to have Uncle Joseph in their life… what greater gift could you get than this?!


At first it looks like baby Mikey could only scream in horror over his new ferocious-looking bed.


But Mikey eventually seems to warm up to his one-of-a-kind crib…


The construction of the shark crib was clearly a good deal of fun… you’re never too old to enjoy playing with shark-themed toys!


The actual crib is fashioned as the boat, giving baby plenty of room to cuddle up for a nap. The shark itself is rather large too, making this baby bed all around big and durable.

In proof of its size and strength, after the ship was completed a gaggle of adults and kids took turns taking pictures inside of the crib. In some instances the bed was filled with over 500 pounds, meaning this is one sturdy baby bed!


Baby’s big brother thinks the crib is out of this world cool, he’s ready for one of his own!


He’s not the only one with his eyes on the baby bed, the family cat has also claimed stake in the comfortably dangerous bed.


Dying to get your hands on an awesome Jaws-inspired crib like this? You are most certainly in luck; Joseph received so many requests for the bed he decided to make it available through his toy line, Toxic Teddies. Duplicates of the hand-made crib are now available for sale to the public. He says the beds are not just for babies, but pets love them too. Case and point: the photo above!

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Photo Credits: Facebook