Teddy Bear Helps Orphaned Foal Get a Good Night’s Sleep

foal teddy bear

Photo Credit: mareandfoal.org via Huffington Post

A cuddly teddy bear helps orphaned foal to heal – after all, we all need a comforting touch, and when you have a lot of stress in your life, it can be hard to get a good night’s sleep – whether you’re a human, or a newborn foal like Breeze.

As the horse lovers at The Mare and Foal Sanctuary in southwest England understand all this, they appealed to nearby residents for donations of extra-large stuffed animals to help the adorable creature get some much needed sleep so she could heal.

A farmer found Breeze, a Dartmoor Hill pony, in a state of shock and dehydration – only hours after he was born, and the foal’s mother was nowhere to be found. The sanctuary wrote on its website that he’d “been seen trying to suckle from a number of mares.”

The organization rescued him and brought him back to the sanctuary where he received extensive care and nutrition.

But without his mother, Breeze was lonely.


While the sanctuary keeps donated stuffed toys on hand to comfort orphaned foals, their latest donation was spoken for by another foal rescued not long before. Staff members reached out to the community for a cuddly companion to keep Breeze company, and donations began pouring in.

It was a jumbo teddy bear named Buttons that became Breeze’s snuggle buddy through the night.

breeze buttons

breeze buttons2

Executive director Syra Bowden said, “Although his carers here at the sanctuary work around the clock to look after him, it’s not quite the same.”

The good news is that their efforts were a huge success. Breeze took to Buttons right away, as you can see from the photos and the video below – and, the young foal improved dramatically after its rescue.