21 Discreet Tattoos For Cat Lovers

cat tattoos

Cats are incredible animals, hence why anyone who’s ever owned one goes cat-crazy. It’s not just the modern world that’s obsessed with cats; felines have played an important role throughout history too. For instance, in ancient Egypt cats were often mummified and depicted as art.

Today, cats are taking over households everywhere. Heck, there are even ‘famous’ cats taking over social media. No matter how cute the most famous cats on Instagram may be, none are as special to you as your own bundle of fur.

You can pay special tribute to your favorite feline by getting a tattoo in their honor. It doesn’t have to be anything big or showy, rather a classy minimalistic tattoo is best suited to the royal qualities of cats anyway. Even if you’re thinking ‘no way, no how am I getting a tattoo’ these small but sweet tattoos for cat lovers are sure to change your mind. After all, they couldn’t possibly be more puuurfect!

1. In Loving Memory

minimalistic-cat-tattoo-10__605Photo Credit: Sol Tattoo

2. Ying And Yang Cat Tattoo

minimalistic-cat-tattoo-48__605Photo Credit: Christine Lepine

3. Furever On Her Wrist

minimalistic-cat-tattoo-131__605Photo Credit: Soltattoo

4. Don’t Mess, I’m Tattooed On Her Neck

minimalistic-cat-tattoo-18__605Photo Credit: Unknown

5. Better Than Any Pair Of Earrings

minimalistic-cat-tattoo-5__605Photo Credit: renterkm

6. Discreet Heel Cat

minimalistic-cat-tattoo-11__605Photo Credit: Seoeon

7. Hello Kitty

minimalistic-cat-tattoo-22__605Photo Credit: lyrical-descension.tumblr.com 

8. Sleeping Kitty Tattoo

minimalistic-cat-tattoo-34__605Photo Credit: lazerliz

9. This High-Five Tattoo Represents True Cat Power

minimalistic-cat-tattoo-53__605Photo Credit: Kaitlin Stiltner

10. Simple Cat Made Of Purfectly Placed Lines

minimalistic-cat-tattoo-6__605Photo Credit: simonandstellacats

11. “My Cattoo Is Also A Semicolon.”

minimalistic-cat-tattoo-60__605Photo Credit: Shelli Stanley

12. Your Best Accessory Is Always Your Cat

minimalistic-cat-tattoo-3__605Photo Credit: sherriberry16

13. Detailed Cat Tattoo Discreetly Placed On Inner Arm

minimalistic-cat-tattoo-57__605Photo Credit: Erin Rhodes

14. Funny Cat Tattoo

minimalistic-cat-tattoo-38__605Photo Credit: Lisa

15. Who Said Black Cats Are Bad Luck?

minimalistic-cat-tattoo-21__605Photo Credit: Unknown

16. Wish Upon A Butterfly

GatoPhoto Credit: Sabrina Ricci

17. Unique Cat Tattoo

minimalistic-cat-tattoo-8__605Photo Credit: bloodykravitz

18. Twinning

minimalistic-cat-tattoo-9__605Photo Credit: cassandraedwardstattoo

19. This Guy’s First Tattoo

minimalistic-cat-tattoo-1__605Photo Credit: nathanjhunt

20.  Watercolor Cat

10411005_1050735831620240_9085745454729082221_n__605Photo Credit: Monika Duda

21. Meow!

minimalistic-cat-tattoo-32__605Photo Credit: Unknown

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