Check Out New Suspended Tents That Let You Sleep Up In The Trees


Tents are typically land-bound, but the latest camping innovations are threatening to change the way we use tents in awesome ways. The tent company Tentsile offers a number of tents that greatly change and enhance camping trips by getting tents off the ground and up in the trees. The brand recently added three new models of suspended tents to the list.

The first is the Trillium, which is a small, stackable, flexible hammock-like tent that accommodates up to three people. You can stack the triangular-shaped hammock to add more sleeping space or use one level to store camping gear (or pets!) and the other to sleep.

The Vista is the second largest new model; it is a two-layer tree tent, split into two halves that can by accessed through a floor hatch or on the sides.

The largest tent in the collection is the Trilogy, a massive communal shelter that can sleep up to six people. The Trilogy includes three separate sleeping areas as well as a central canopy that clips together.

Staying true to Tentsile’s eco-friendly roots, the company plants three trees for every tent sold.

tree-tents-hammocks-camping-shelter-tensile-tentsile-5Tentsile originally went viral with their invention of a suspended, portable tree house known as the Tentsile Tree Tent. Alex Shirley-Smith and Kirk Kirchev are the two designers that invented the Tentsile as a way to get campers off the ground and up in the trees, where the real views are offered. The invention was originally displayed to the public back in 2012, and in 2015/2016 earned the IPSO BrandNew award.

tree-tents-hammocks-camping-shelter-tensile-tentsile-gif-2The company’s innovative ideas have earned them great success among avid campers everywhere.

tree-tents-hammocks-camping-shelter-tensile-tentsile-13tree-tents-hammocks-camping-shelter-tensile-tentsile-54tree-tents-hammocks-camping-shelter-tensile-tentsile-32tree-tents-hammocks-camping-shelter-tensile-tentsile-53tree-tents-hammocks-camping-shelter-tensile-tentsile-21tree-tents-hammocks-camping-shelter-tensile-tentsile-24tree-tents-hammocks-camping-shelter-tensile-tentsile-33Buy your own Tentsile Vista 3-person 2-season Tree Tent Hammock on Amazon. Many more options and models are available through Tentsile’s official online shop.

tree-tents-hammocks-camping-shelter-tensile-tentsile-55Photo Credits: Tentsile

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