Superman Figurine Attached To Flying Drone Makes For Best Superman Movie Ever


You can only imagine what park goers thought the day Superman flew above Victoria Park in London. Barry Craig had a little too much fun sending the legendary Man Of Steel flying high above the scenic park. In order to capture the epic footage, Craig attached a plastic Superman toy to a Phantom 3 flying camera drone.

The Superman figurine’s journey is certainly neat, but it’s the camera footage captured high above the park that will take your breath away. Behold any Superman movie ever made this awesome footage makes for some serious competition.

Craig works as a professional retoucher. His deep passion for drone photography was the inspiration behind this high flying idea.

Craig posted his footage to Reddit along with an explanation for the shaky flight: “The camera on a Phantom is attached to a gimbal, which stabilizes the footage. The Superman figure is attached to the landing gear so it isn’t being stabilized, the shaking around is the movement in the body of the aircraft.”

No need to fear people of London, Superman is here…

supermanPhoto Credit: Vincent Carrozza: Earthprints

Watch the epic journey:

Photo Credits: Barry Craig Youtube,

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