Superhero Bookends Are Here To Save Your Books From Falling Down


Your books take you far and away on amazing adventures so don’t let your books down during their shelf time. Creative Israeli design studio Artori Design has invented the perfect superhero for books all over the world. The Book & Hero and the Supershelf serves as the superhero novels old and young have been waiting for.

This pair of bookends plays with your mind a little, making it appear like an incredibly tiny, yet strong, flying man is saving your books from tumbling down.

Before you go crazy trying to figure out how it’s done, we will let you in on a little secret. Super strength magnets hold up the high flying tiny-man to create the illusion, aided by an invisible layered stand that puts the books at a tilted angle. One book cover is left open so that part of the stand fits discreetly inside (see picture below).

Even though there is a logical explanation behind the fun design it really just looks like this superhero is holding up your books by the force of his mighty fists. The effect will certainly impress all of your guests when they come over, or at least have them asking questions.

smart-superhero-bookends-artori-design-israel-6You can pamper your books with these awesome superhero bookends for only $25.

smart-superhero-bookends-artori-design-israel-4smart-superhero-bookends-artori-design-israel-7smart-superhero-bookends-artori-design-israel-5Photo Credits: Artori Design

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