Stunning Scenic Drives in Europe You Just Have to Take

isle of skye road

Photo Credit: Flickr: mathsphotoblog

On your next vacation in Europe, discover some of the best scenery by going on one of these breathtakingly scenic drives, like the one pictured above on the Isle of Skye in Scotland. You’ll roll through intoxicating landscape featuring everything from unique rock formations to emerald covered mountains, sheer sea cliffs, seashell-strewn beaches and waterfalls that cascade to the brilliant blue sea below.

Dingle Peninsula, Ireland

dingle road

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Ireland’s Dingle Peninsula is one of the country’s most scenic regions, with postcard-picture moments around every corner – and it’s just the right size for a day-long driving tour.

Transfagarasan, Romania

Transfagarasan, Romania2

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The “Road to the Sky” or the “Road to the Clouds” as its often called, climbs, twists and descends through the highest peaks of the Fagaras Mountains in Romania, also known as the “Transylvania Alps.”

Amalfi Coast, Italy


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This breathtaking drive along the Amalfi coast follows the seashore, winding through small fishing villages and historical towns as it hugs sheer cliff faces on one side, with the other dropping straight down to brilliant blue sea vistas.

Klausen Pass, Switzerland


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This stunning drive will take you directly into the heart of the Alps, winding through the fabled Swiss mountains through a journey of incredibly beautiful scenery.