19 Amazing Studio Ghibli Tattoos Inspired By Miyazaki Films


Just like Disney’s childhood classics are a favorite among many, Studio Ghibli’s incredible animated movies are a beloved staple of life in Japan and all across the globe. In fact, 8 of the Japanese animation films made by Studio Ghibli are among the 15 highest-grossing anime films ever made in Japan.

If you’re a big fan of director Hayao Miyazaki’s unique style, you will find these Studio Ghibli tattoos too good to be true!

1. Watercolor Totoro

XX-Studio-Ghibli-Inspired-Tattoos-7__605Photo Credit: ydtattoo

2. Detailed Howl’s Moving Castle

XX-Studio-Ghibli-Inspired-Tattoos-26__605Photo Credit: Josh Howard Tattoo

3. Studio Ghibli Characters

XX-Studio-Ghibli-Inspired-Tattoos-1__605Photo Credit: scott_m_harrison

4. Unique My Neighbor Totoro Tattoo

studio-ghibli-tattoos-37__605Photo Credit: Hubicz

5. Delicate Sootball From Spirited Away Tattoo

XX-Studio-Ghibli-Inspired-Tattoos-27__605Photo Credit: violentfemmme.tumblr.com

6. Go Big Or Go Home Sleeve Tattoo

studio-ghibli-tattoos-32__605Photo Credit: jeanpierresainttran

7. Spirited Away Tattoo

XX-Studio-Ghibli-Inspired-Tattoos-5__605Photo Credit: goldlagrimas

8. Two Movies In One Tattoo

Calcifer from Howl’s Moving Castle and No-Face from Spirited Away

XX-Studio-Ghibli-Inspired-Tattoos-14__605Photo Credit: ydtattoo

9. Ponyo Tattoo

XX-Studio-Ghibli-Inspired-Tattoos-19__605Photo Credit: crafting_with_love

10. Hello Totoro

XX-Studio-Ghibli-Inspired-Tattoos-9__605Photo Credit: bugsyseagulltattoo

11. Totoro Finger Tattoo

studio-ghibli-tattoos-33__605Photo Credit: Unknown

12. Kodama From Princess Mononoke

studio-ghibli-tattoos-35__605Photo Credit: Kaymidori

13. Kiki’s Delivery Service Tattoo

studio-ghibli-tattoos-40__605Photo Credit: seppukutattoo.tumblr.com

14. Colorful collage based On My Neighbor Totoro and Spirited Away

See the entire tattoo here.

studio-ghibli-tattoos-16__605Photo Credit: magnetic-disturbance.tumblr.com

15. Sootballs Having A Party!

XX-Studio-Ghibli-Inspired-Tattoos-25__605Photo Credit: fedeperlamadonna

16. Spirit Of The Forest from Princess Mononoke

studio-ghibli-tattoos-7__605Photo Credit: dmarksthespot

17. Howl And Sophie from Howl’s Moving Castle

XX-Studio-Ghibli-Inspired-Tattoos-16__605Photo Credit: laurenwinzer

18. Spirited Away Forearm Tattoo

XX-Studio-Ghibli-Inspired-Tattoos-8__605Photo Credit: namidoreen

19.  Family Of Kodamas from Princess Mononoke

XX-Studio-Ghibli-Inspired-Tattoos-18__605Photo Credit: pikkumaeski

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