Art Students Transform An Ugly Electrical Tower Into A Colorful Lighthouse


Traditional electrical towers are a familiar sight in our current world.

They dot landscapes in seemingly never-ending rows, their metal structures rarely very eye-catching or aesthetically pleasing.

Most electrical towers tend to be overlooked, but this tower in Germany is far from ordinary.

3 local imaginative art students used their passion for art to beautify the town by taking an average electric tower and turning it into a stunning make-shift stained glass light house.


Ali Hwang, Hae-Ryan Jeon, and Ghung Ki Park, 3 art students at Klasse Lobbert in Mustern, Germany, created a stunning display for a 2012 art instillation. They decided to make a simple but effective change to a structure that was already existing in the environment but doing no aesthetic good. They filled the gaps in an electrical tower with colored acrylic glass, causing the once dull and grey tower to now glitter and shine from afar, casting its wide array of colors on the ground beneath it.



While it may not be quite as striking or detailed as true stained glass, acryliglass (better known as plexiglass) was used to color the tower due to safety concerns. The material was cut into multi-colored triangles and applied to the tower, making it appear to be a stained-glass structure. The triangles are mostly clustered around the base and they gradually fade in numbers as they climb the height of the tower.


The end result was called Leuchtturm, meaning “lighthouse” in German.


The tower stands along a bike path in Hattingen, beckoning cyclist to stop by the clearing where it stands and relax by the water to take in the colorful sight.


Unsurprisingly, the work of art has attracted plenty of attention from passerbyers who are entranced by the tower’s many bright flashing colors. But you can’t blame them – it’s likely they’ve never laid eyes on such stunning electrical tower as this.


Photo Credit: Klasse Lobbert