Iranian Women Are Posting Pics With Their Hair Flying Free In Protest Of Strict Hijab Laws


In 2014, Iran’s morality police warned, fined or arrested an astonishing 3.6 million women for charges related to inappropriate dress. Right now wearing the Islamic hijab is a mandatory practice for all women in Iran.

Masih Alinejad, an Iranian Journalist living in the US, would like to change all of that and grant women the choice to wear their hair covered or uncovered. Alinejad says, “My mother wants to wear a scarf. I don’t want to wear a scarf. Iran should be for both of us.”

In hopes of spreading her message and making social change Alinejad is prompting Iranian women both near and far to post photos of themselves enjoying life with their hair unveiled. Alinjad started a Facebook group called My Stealthy Freedom, which has already massed over 820,000 followers that stand in support of protesting Iran’s strict Hijab laws.

mandatory-hijab-protest-veil-iran-masih-alinejad-stealthy-freedom-1It all started when Masih Alinejad posted photos of herself with and without a Hijab veil.

mandatory-hijab-protest-veil-iran-masih-alinejad-stealthy-freedom-5There are different types of Islamic veils, some cover far more surface area than others. The Hijab is among the least conservative but still covers a woman’s entire hair and neck and is mandatory for women in Iran.


Alinejad says, “As a kid, my brother was a symbol of freedom that I didn’t have. How he was free to run in a green lovely farm.”

mandatory-hijab-protest-veil-iran-masih-alinejad-stealthy-freedom-3Now she’s asking other women to step out and protest strict Hijab laws by sharing photos of their hair flowing free without a veil. As a result, thousands of beautiful Iranian women have joined the movement.

mandatory-hijab-protest-veil-iran-masih-alinejad-stealthy-freedom-17“Some of the pictures come from young girls saying that they just want to feel the wind in their hair. It’s a simple demand.”

mandatory-hijab-protest-veil-iran-masih-alinejad-stealthy-freedom-4“Two women with head scarves, and two women without head scarves. Look at how they are free!”

mandatory-hijab-protest-veil-iran-masih-alinejad-stealthy-freedom-7“My mother wants to wear a scarf. I don’t want to wear a scarf. Iran should be for both of us.”

mandatory-hijab-protest-veil-iran-masih-alinejad-stealthy-freedom-2Learn more about My Stealthy Freedom by watching the video below:

Here Are Some Of The Awesome Submissions Received From Women All Around The World:

“I hate all the fake Hijabs, all the meaningless beliefs cruelly forced.”

mandatory-hijab-protest-veil-iran-masih-alinejad-stealthy-freedom-61__700Photo Credit: My Stealthy Freedom

“It’s sad that my pretty black hair’s going grey and it hasn’t seen the wind, sun or rain yet.”

Wearing-Hijab__700Photo Credit: My Stealthy Freedom

“It’s an amazing feeling when wind tangles your hair under the blue sky.”

mandatory-hijab-protest-veil-iran-masih-alinejad-stealthy-freedom-11__700Photo Credit: My Stealthy Freedom

“Enjoying the wind passing through our hair. Something that’s so obviously a man’s right is considered illegal offensive act for me and my sister.”

mandatory-hijab-protest-veil-iran-masih-alinejad-stealthy-freedom-13__700Photo Credit: My Stealthy Freedom

“Hoping for the ultimate freedom of Iranian women.”

Wearing-Hijab1__700Photo Credit: My Stealthy Freedom

“Being yourself gives such wonderful pleasure”

mandatory-hijab-protest-veil-iran-masih-alinejad-stealthy-freedom-51__700Photo Credit: My Stealthy Freedom

“Let It Go”

mandatory-hijab-protest-veil-iran-masih-alinejad-stealthy-freedom-14__700Photo Credit: My Stealthy Freedom

“My Stealthy Freedom”

mandatory-hijab-protest-veil-iran-masih-alinejad-stealthy-freedom-10__700Photo Credit: My Stealthy Freedom

Learn more by visiting the official Facebook for My Stealthy Freedom.