Stray Dog Kicked By Driver Returns With Pack Of Four-Legged Friends To Trash His Car


Don’t mess with stray dogs, they are smart and understand a thing or two about revenge! One man that lives in Chongqing, China just learned this lesson the hard way after he literally kicked an innocent stray dog out of his parking spot.

When he returned home he saw a stray dog sprawled out in his parking spot, irritated he got out of his car and forcefully kicked the dog so that he would move. At the time, the dog fled the scene but he didn’t forget the harsh actions of the man, or where his car was parked.

Later that day the dog returned with a group of his four-legged friends looking to seek revenge. The dogs did a great job trashing the man’s vehicle, chewing at the fenders, wipers and other parts of the car, creating noticeable damage.

The owner of the car, and the man who kicked the dog earlier, wouldn’t have known who had trashed his car if it weren’t for a neighbor who happened to see the pack of canines going bark-wild on the burgundy-colored VW. When the neighbor saw the dogs chewing at the man’s car they grabbed a camera and started taking photos.


The adorable stray dog didn’t take kindly to being kicked out of his spot, and for a hunk of metal!?


He informed his friends what had to be done, and they all returned later to seek revenge by sinking their teeth into the car.


The concerned neighbor couldn’t believe what they were seeing, and so they stopped to take pictures of the dogs in action. After showing the photos to the vehicle’s owner, he knew right away that he deserved it… after all, he recognized the leading dog as the one he had kicked out of his parking spot earlier.


The next time you consider treating an animal unfairly, you’ve been warned: Karma is real, and it’s a b%!$*!


Who is in the right here in your opinion–the driver or the revengeful dogs? Let us know in the comments section below!

Photo Credit: dailymail