Stray Cat From Bulgaria Accidentally Turned Itself Green


Just in time for the holidays, we have a story about a Christmas-colored cat! And nope, it’s not any thanks to Photoshop. Residents living in Varna, Bulgaria were rather perplexed when they saw one of the local stray cats waltzing the streets with a bright green coat.

Was someone vandalizing the poor cat, was it an act of magic, or was the cat an unknown breed with a fairytale-colored coat?! Locals were 100% puzzled, but they knew what they were seeing was real.

People tried many times to discover why the cat was green, but it took a group effort, including a Facebook page, to find the real answer to the cat’s odd coloring. Read on to learn how this cute stray cat from Bulgaria accidentally turned itself green.


Time and time again, people would see the cat and his mysterious green coat, reminiscent of mint chocolate chip, and think– what the cat? Some residents got together and established a Facebook group in order to get to the bottom of this oddly colored feline.

At first, cat-lovers were concerned someone was playing a trick and painting the poor kitty green. But all suspicions were dropped when the real answer was identified.


Turns out, the stray cat had found its favorite place to hit the snooze button. That place was to at a local garage, snuggled up atop an abandoned bag of powder green paint. With every nap, and cats take a lot of naps, this feline became greener and greener. Until every inch of him was brightly colored, the green even tinting his dark strips. His ears, nose, face, tail, and toes are all green.


The green cat caused uproar in the Black Sea resort town where he lives. People were quick to jump to this cat’s rescue when they first thought his coloring could be blamed on vandalism. This is why the Facebook page for the green cat was originally published under the group name, “Punishment to the perpetrator of this criminal act!”


Since paint contains all sorts of toxins, there are obvious concerns for the stray cat’s health. Although, recent efforts to capture the green cat, clean him up, and inspect him for health issues have been unsuccessful. As locals continue their attempts to capture the cat, he is sneaky enough to remain uncaught, even while sporting an impossible to miss coat.


In the video footage of the green cat (located at the bottom of the post) you can tell that being around humans distresses him, as he opens his mouth and pants, which is a physical response that indicates a cat is scared.


Still, with enough effort someone might be able to coax the stray cat to safety. After all, cats are believed to be the only wild animals that domesticated themselves because they preferred to be in the company of humans. Historians believe that over 10,000 years ago cats living in the Middle East’s Fertile Crescent first forged a relationship with farmers. The cats would eat the rodents invading the farmers’ grain, and the farmers would look after the cats in return.


So while chances are this feline might someday be caught, it doesn’t seem like this cat cares if he is green or not. His feline friends don’t seem to mind either, they like him no matter the color of his fur. We just hope his health is still in good condition after all of that paint exposure, because he sure is cute and funny!


Watch video footage of the green cat in action as he roams the streets of Bulgaria with his pals.

Photo Credits: dailymail, Youtube