20 Stunning Photos Of Starry Skies That Will Inspire You To Look Up Tonight


The night sky is a truly beautiful thing, a window into the world beyond planet Earth. Starry skies have remained a part of cultures all across the world since the beginning of time as we make wishes on stars and feel inspired by the beauty above.

Stars are powerful forces that go through many different stages of life and can survive for thousands of years before eventually burning out. Some stars are so massive they are larger, more brilliant and capable of outputting a million times more energy than our sun.

Different parts of the world offer a unique vision of starry skies. The darker it is on the streets the brighter the sky shines from above. The stunning photos on this list offer some of the most beautiful images of the night sky in all its glittering glory, enjoy!

1. Bright And Brilliant Above The Clouds

night-sky-stars-milky-way-photography-22__880Photo Credit: mojo2u

2. The World Beyond

night-sky-stars-milky-way-photography-40__880Photo Credit: Greg Gibbs

3. Desert Starry Night Sky

night-sky-stars-milky-way-photography-6__880Photo Credit: Meshari Aldulaimi 

4. The View From The Sea

night-sky-stars-milky-way-photography-36__880Photo Credit: Mikko Lagerstedt

5. Make A Wish!

night-sky-stars-milky-way-photography-4__880Photo Credit: Jonathan Sander

6. Magic Clearly Happens Here

night-sky-stars-milky-way-photography-43__880Photo Credit: Goff Kitsawad

7. The Perfect Slice Of Sky To Set Up Camp Beneath

night-sky-stars-milky-way-photography-28__880Photo Credit: Rick-Parchen

8. Let The Light Of The Moon Guide You Home

night-sky-stars-milky-way-photography-27__880Photo Credit: Aaron J Groen

9. The Crack Of Lightening

AwakeningPhoto Credit: Mike Mezeul

10. Who Needs A 5-Star Hotel When You Can Stay At A 5-billion Star Teepee

night-sky-stars-milky-way-photography-10__880Photo Credit: Savannah Williams

11. True Beauty

night-sky-stars-milky-way-photography-38__880Photo Credit: Mikko Lagerstedt

12. Colorful Night Sky

night-sky-stars-milky-way-photography-23__880Photo Credit: Johannes Nollmeyer 

13. Starry Views From The Castle

night-sky-stars-milky-way-photography-3__880Photo Credit: Ilhan Eroglu

14. Too Many Stars To Count

night-sky-stars-milky-way-photography-24__880Photo Credit: Yunli Song

15. Like Something Out Of The Pages Of A Fairytale…

night-sky-stars-milky-way-photography-2__880Photo Credit: Ilhan Eroglu

16. Starry Night Sky Over Abandoned Old Ship

night-sky-stars-milky-way-photography-7__880Photo Credit: Andreas Athan

17. Stars All Aglow

night-sky-stars-milky-way-photography-37__880Photo Credit: Mikko Lagerstedt 

18. Birds Fly By The Light Of The Stars

night-sky-stars-milky-way-photography-34__880Photo Credit: Mikko Lagerstedt

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19. Star Gazing

night-sky-stars-milky-way-photography-45__880Photo Credit: Victor Liu

20. To Infinity And Beyond

night-sky-stars-milky-way-photography-32__880Photo Credit: Yunli Song

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