This Star Wars Vehicle Wrap Transforms Old VW Camper Into R2-D2


After enjoying a Star Wars marathon with his friends, César Aguzzoli felt inspired to transform his family’s old 1992 Volkswagen Camper into R2-D2’s twin. The 26-year-old Brazilian who now lives in San Diego admits spending over 50 hours designing the vinyl wrap, not including the time it took to apply to the van.

Aguzzoli was involved in every step of the process from designing the wrap, printing it and applying it to the bus. He didn’t want to shortcut the loveable droid so he and his team of helpers made sure to include every last detail of R2-D2 redesigned to fit the unique shape of the bus. Once all of the hard work was finally complete Aguzzoli used a heat gun to apply the DIY wrap.

It was a lot of work but now Aguzzoli’s family has a one-of-a-kind bus any Star Wars fan would be proud to drive around town.

van-r2d2-conversion-star-wars-cesar-aguzzoli-6Since this awesome wrap is DIY and not available for purchase you can make do with the selection of Star Wars vehicle wrap kits available on amazon. Or, you can imitate Aguzzoli’s work by studying his process detailed on his Instructables page.

This is what the VW Camper looked like before:

van-r2d2-conversion-star-wars-cesar-aguzzoli-2Aguzzoli spent some 50 hours deconstructing R2-D2 and redesigning him to perfectly fit the VW camper.

van-r2d2-conversion-star-wars-cesar-aguzzoli-3van-r2d2-conversion-star-wars-cesar-aguzzoli-4In the end, he was left with 9.5 sq. m. of vinyl, which he carefully attached by hand piece-by-piece using a heat gun.

van-r2d2-conversion-star-wars-cesar-aguzzoli-5van-r2d2-conversion-star-wars-cesar-aguzzoli-7His hard work clearly paid off!

van-r2d2-conversion-star-wars-cesar-aguzzoli-8Photo Credits: Instructables, Facebook

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