Squirrel Tries To Steal A Carved Pumpkin From Photographer’s Backyard


Squirrels are highly curious, hilarious little creatures. Max Ellis, a talented British photographer, would most certainly agree. After all he has captured some incredible shots of squirrels. All you have to do is provide some bate, something interesting to play with, and the squirrels will come, as well as make you laugh!

When Max Ellis noticed the Jack O’ Lanterns adorning his backyard were attracting all the squirrels in the neighborhood, the photographer instantly knew how to stage his next wildlife photo shot. All he had to do was lure in the squirrels with an array of pumpkins and wait with his camera, although we doubt even he expected the squirrels to try the pumpkins on as a mask!


This isn’t Ellis’s first picture perfect encounter with these adorable bushy-tailed creatures. In fact, Ellis has taken great interest in photographing squirrels for many years. He leaves out props for the squirrels to play with and then stands by with his camera.

In an interview with Bored Panda, Ellis discusses his adoration for squirrels, “The fact that they’re really intelligent is both the biggest plus and minus to working with the tree rats. They very quickly work out ways to get to the treats I leave for them.”


A Few Cute Facts About Squirrels 

-When traveling about squirrels tend to take erratic paths, this is thought to deter predators from their trail.

-Squirrels are known to put on elaborate shows in which they pretend to bury food as a way to trick other on looking animals, before hiding their food in a more secret location.

-Despite being sneaky, squirrels are incredibly trusting and are one of the only wild animals known to take food straight from human hands. We don’t recommend trying to feed any squirrels by hand though; they are still wild creatures that can bite!


For over 4 years Ellis has continually posted at least one squirrel photo each day to blipfoto.com/maxellis, and considers the cute little rodents an “ongoing project.” Although he does a lot of other creative work as well, shooting breathtaking images of everything from larger wildlife to human body builders. Not to mention, Ellis is also a talented graphic illustrated known for his work in countless successful marketing campaigns.

Despite all of his other talents and areas of interest, Ellis is particularly attracted to the squirrels that routinely frequent his home, and almost everywhere else he seems to go. Ellis says that he enjoys coming up with creative ideas and props he can introduce to the squirrels, who never cease to impress him with their “intelligence and dexterity.”


As for any Photoshop or photo alterations, Ellis tries to stray away from these digital modifications. His other job as a leading digital illustrator with hundreds of ad campaigns and 30-years experience in the industry would make it too easy for him to fake awesome photos. Instead, he’d rather capture them with his camera first-hand, and the squirrels help make this much easier with their awesome personalities and never ending charm.

All of the squirrels that unknowingly provide these awesome pictures for Ellis, as well as all of us, are treated with endless kindness. Ellis says they, “…are much better fed than any other wild squirrels on the planet.”


But when it comes to food you have to be careful with squirrels because they will literally eat anything and everything. One time Ellis set out a bunch of wooden blocks to see how they would interact with them. Ellis probably didn’t guess the squirrels would eat the blocks but that’s exactly what they did. They ate every last one.


Photo Credits: maxphotographic.com500px.comblipfoto.com, BoredPanda