Squirrel Rescued After Storm Becomes Family’s Most Adorable Member

dog squirrel

Photo Credit: Instagram @this_girl_is_a_squirrel

An adorable squirrel in Louisiana that was rescued after she fell from her nest during Hurricane Isaac, has become an Instagram celebrity.

The tiny furry critter named Jill does have a cage she can curl up in to take a nap, but she’s generally given free reign in her human companion’s home. She’s even trained to use a garbage can as her bathroom.

According to her Instagram profile, the happy little squirrel is two years old, and her only fears are vacuum cleaners. Her life before being rescued was likely infinitely different.

Today, she enjoy hanging out at the edge of the infinity pool, gazing at the water – a place her owner says has become her favorite spot to relax.

squirrel pool

Jill apparently has high-end taste when it comes to what she eat, preferring organic treats from Whole Foods. She also has all sorts of friends, including a dog named Cooper and a parakeet.

whole foods squirrel

squirrel bird

Not only is Jill careful about what she eats, she seems to enjoy practicing a bit of yoga too.

squirrel oga

And, though Jill definitely likes to get active, she also knows how to relax. What a life!

squirrel nap