Dogs With Perfectly Square Or Round Haircuts Is The New Trend In Taiwan


Are you looking to give your dog a cutting edge haircut? If so, you might be interested in the latest trend in Taiwan, which looks just as hilarious as it sounds. Dogs are getting perfectly square or round haircuts to highlight their uber adorable faces.

Poodles are one of the most common breeds to undergo the awesomely square or round haircuts but other dog breeds are getting in on the action as well. Judging by the dogs’ expressions they might not be enjoying it as much as their owner, but the end results make it all worth it!

Pet owners love to post photos of their furry friends, and in Taiwan the practice of showing off your pup just got a little competitive. In fact, this new trend has created what just might be the first ever “my dog has a rounder head than yours” competition.

Since dogs are all fur, the ‘trendy’ haircut transforms their entire face so that they look like a completely new breed of dog. Looking at these great haircuts you have to wonder why we haven’t taken advantage of furry pups sooner. All it takes is a pair of scissors and you can turn a cute dog into a geometric masterpiece.


Maybe this Taiwanese trend will take off all around the world, causing more people to take their dog to the groomer and say, “I’d like a perfectly square or round haircut, please!”


Dog grooming was first recorded in the West during the Elizabethan era (16th century). The French were the first to make dog grooming more than just a practice, but a popular thing to do.

In the 1700’s the Poodle was considered the official dog of the French court. Dog-only salons were opened up at this time and as a result many Poodles were given wild and extreme haircuts.


Today there are many dog-only salons you can bring your favorite four-legged friend to. After seeing these photos you might have a new request for your dog groomer.




square-round-dog-haircut-taiwan-11What do you think, would you give your dog a perfectly square or round haircut?

(h/t: rocketnews24, Bored Panda)