Spilled Flower Pot Look Creates Spectacular Garden Works of Art


Photo Credit: Flickr: Steve

A beautiful garden is considered a true work of art, but these creative garden designs seem to take that to a whole new level with the spilled flower pot look that makes flowers look like spilled streams and gorgeous mounds of brilliant liquid color. Pictured above, a tube of orange paint leaks marigolds in a public park in France. While walking through the park in Boulogne-sur-Mer, French photographer Steve Hughes stumbled onto this fun installation of marigolds. He says it was accompanied by a large picture frame that was also filled with blooms.

Pictured below, it looks like someone spilled the milk.

spilled flower garden2

Photo Credit: dark-sphere.deviantart.com

Spilled flower pots are a great way to recycle/re-use a broken pot. You can create an astonishing waterfall-like appearance from flowers, developing it as a focal point of the garden to give it a unique touch.

spilled flower garden3

Photo Credit: balconygardenweb.com

This cart looks like it’s spilling its beautiful contents all over the lawn outside Carrickfergus Castle in Carrickfergus, Northern Ireland.

wheelbarrow garden

Photo Credit: Flickr: Gary McMurray

A great idea for landscaping and gardening companies, or anyone who happens to have the space and equipment, this image of a flowering truck spill was captured at Petosa’s Evergreen Mountain Ranch, an excavation contractor in New York.

spilled flower garden4

Photo Credit: Flickr: Sonja Stark

 This one uses alyssum to create a river of dense flowers flowing out of a pot.

flower spill

Photo Credit: laurries.blogspot.com