Why Spectacular Tasmania Should Really Be on Your Must-Visit List


Photo Credit: chinatravel.com, tww.id.au

If you’ve never considered visiting spectacular Tasmania, you might be surprised to find that it offers everything from soaring mountains and idyllic beaches to an abundance of wildlife, the cleanest air in the world and even an increasingly exciting foodie scene. Wineglass Bay, pictured above, sits on the Freycinet Peninsula, where you’ll find pristine white sand beaches and emerald hued waters that are framed by the towering, jagged peaks of the Hazards. Its stretch of beach also happens to be patrolled by wallabies and dolphins often pass by.

Fairy Penguins


Photo Credit: australiananimallearningzone.com

Tasmanian is also home to the adorable fairy penguin. In Bicheno, every night at dusk, tiny penguins pop out of the waters of the bay and waddle ashore to their burrows. Tours are available that allow visitors to get up close, without disturbing them.

Bridestowe Lavender Fields

lavender bridestowe

Photo Credit: vision.net.au

In December or January, you’ll have the chance to run through the breathtaking lavender fields at Bridestowe Estate where vistas span across more than 260 acres of lavender fields, landscaped gardens and native forest to the distant Mount Arthur. You can sample all types of lavender inspired and infused delicacies at the Woodcroft Café too, like lavender brownies and lavender ice cream.

Maria Island

painted rocks maria island

Photo Credit: guideoftravels.com


Photo Credit: greatwalksofaustralia.com.au

On Maria Island, you can view the Painted Cliffs at Hopground Beach, and go on spectacular hikes to view sweeping bays, rugged cliffs and mountains, historic ruins and remarkable wildlife like wombats, pademelons, wallabies, kangaroos and Tasmanian devils.

Tasmanian Devils


Photo Credit: think-tasmania.com

Of course, the Tasmanian devil is not just a Warner Brothers cartoon character. This small, hyena-like marsupial is known for its haunting hiss that Tasmanian novelist Richard Flanagan described as a sound “like that of a woman being strangled.” You can get up close to them by visiting one of the sanctuaries across the state like Bonorong and Devils@Cradle.

Bay of Fires

bay of fires

Photo Credit: thewalkingcompany.com.au

The Bay of Fires is an incredible coastal paradise that stretches more than 30 miles from Binalong Bay in the south to Eddystone Point in the north, and is renowned as one of the most stunning places in Tasmania. You can walk for miles on sugary sands and swim in crystal clear waters too.