Spectacular Cosmic Images From Astronaut Scott Kelly’s First Six Months in Space

space photos final

Photo Credit: NASA Astronaut Scott Kelly/Facebook

Astronaut Scott Kelly is on his way to becoming the first American to travel on the world’s longest spaceflight. He marked the halfway point this week by sharing these spectacular cosmic images. While he’s battling bulging eyeballs and atrophied muscles, his artistic sensibilities are certainly still in shape, providing practically an endless array of stunning photos of space and the earth from above.

Some are of our planet from an extreme bird’s-eye view, making it seem as though it’s a completely different world. Others represent outer space’s most breathtaking light sources, like colorful auroras and the illustrious Milky Way. The good news is since he’s only at the halfway point, we can look forward to seeing many more otherworldly images to come.

Sometimes, he says, the earth truly seems to shimmer.

space photo5

And, sometimes it looks like a completely different planet altogether.

space photo6

Check out this look of a morning in Athens, Greece, shot on July 12, and a view of gorgeous Honolulu, Hawaii from above.

space photo7

space photo2

On July 13, he wakes to a view of the aurora in almost total darkness, other than the smattering of brilliant stars beyond.

aurora from space

And, the always impressive Andes in Peru.

andes space

The Bahamas look like they were created by a talented watercolor artist.

bahamas space

Finally, this one Kelly notes, taken on August 4, 2015: “The thing about abstract art: it appears not of this world. The thing about Earth art: it is our world.”