Spectacular and Daring Wilderness Shelter Offers Refuge to Slovenian Alps Hikers

alps shelter

Photo Credit: Janez Martincic via ArchDaily

If you ever find yourself exhausted after a hike in Slovenia’s Kamnik Alps, you’ll be happy to know that this spectacular and daring wilderness shelter is ready and waiting. The structure, created by a group of Harvard Graduate School of Design students in collaboration with local studio OFIS architects and structural engineering firm AKT II, is made up of three prefab modules that were airlifted and assembled onsite in just one day. The team designed the alpine shelter to withstand harsh climate conditions like wind, snow, and landslides, making sure, for example, to use super durable triple-pane glass windows.

alpine  shelter3

alpine shelter2

The shelter takes the form of three separate modules, divided into individual spaces: the first serves as an entryway, storage area, and place for food preparation; the second part is for sleeping and socializing; and the third area includes a bunk bed system, in addition to the incredibly breathtaking panoramic views of the valley and mountain range.

alpine shelter4

Of course, installing the shelter on the mountain wasn’t exactly easy. Each module had to be airlifted in and fastened onto strategically-placed pin connections, which doubled as the site’s foundation. Luckily, even with the extra steps, transportation and installation took a relatively short amount of time considering the relief it will offer outdoor adventurers for many years to come.

alpine shelter5