24 Of The Best Photographs From 2015 Sony World Photography Awards Shortlist


The Sony World Photography Awards is currently judging some of the best photographs for 2015, including both amateur and professional photographers.

There are SO many entries to the Sony World Photography Awards that we highlighted a completely different set of incredible photos a few months ago.

In total, last year’s competition received 173,444 submissions from over 171 countries, that’s a 24% increase since 2014. The winners won’t be revealed until April 23rd; at which time $30,000 in cash prizes will be awarded.

Contestants can enter 13 professional, 10 open and 3 youth categories. This year’s shortlist combines a number of touching, beautiful and truly epic images from a variety of categories. Check out 24 of the best short listed photos that just might be this year’s winners!

“Frog Story” by Harfian Herdi– Nature & Wildlife, Open


Three cute little frogs hang around at the first sign of morning light.

“On The Tundra” by Simon Morris– People, Open


This photo shows a young Nenets boy playing outside in Siberia during the winter when it is -40 degrees.

“Old Shepherd” by Saeed Barikani– People, Open


This photo was taken in northern Iran, it shows an old Shepherd caught off guard by an unexpected snowstorm.

“Pray” by Muhammad Berkati– Arts & Culture, Open


This photo was captured in Bromo, Indonesia.

“CEASER” by Christian Berthelot– Professional, Portraiture


This photograph highlights a new human being, unique and primal.

“Cat Mothers” by Ramil Gilvano– Lifestyle, Professional


This image comes from a series depicting the life of a photographer’s family.

“Restricted Areas” by Danila Tkachenko– Landscape, Professional


“Restricted Areas” is a larger project surrounding the ideal strives for technological purposes made by humanity.

“Sweat and Blood” by Marcin Kloce– Sport, Professional Competition


This photograph comes from a competition held at Miyagino stable in the Ryogoku district of Tokyo. The emphasis was placed on the demanding nature of sumo wrestling, and how fit and flexible the wrestlers are.

“Blue Fields” by Simon Butterworth– Landscape, Professional


This image was shot from a light aircraft traveling at elevations between 4,000-5,000 feet. Height, time of day and cloud coverage was fundamental in order to capture the right perspective.

“The Secondary Trainer” by Anthony Kham– Sport, Professional


“Underwater Grace” by Jonathan Yeap Chin Tiong– Sport, Professional


The photographer achieves his goal of capturing the true grace of synchronized swim team competitors training in Singapore.

“Acid Survivors in India” by Jordi Pizarro– Conceptual, Professional


“Animal Behaviour” by Kimmo Metsaranta– Still Life, Professional


“In the series I have constructed still live images using cats. Animals have their own will and they will not pose at the behest of the photographer.”

“Shadow City” by Ronaldo Land– Sports, Professional


Image depicts a skater in Rio de Janeiro

“Miracle Mile” by Gina Nero– Architecture, Open


“Miracle Mile is my first photograph taken after relocating to Los Angeles from New York.”

“Swedish Dads” by Johan Bavman– People, Professional


Sweden provides the most generous parental leave, allowing both mother and father 480 days of paid time-off to spend with their newborn, of which the father must take 60.

“Exuberance” by Christine Kapuschinsky Johnson– Smile, Open


“Pelican Feeding” by Melissa Little– Nature & Wildlife, Open


These cute pelicans reside at Port Vincent on the Yorke Peninsular in South Australia.

“A Life Apart: The Toll Of Obesity” by Lisa Kranttz– Contemporary Issues, Professional


“Hundred And Forty Centimeters” by Sabine Lewandowski– People, Professional


“The photo series ‘one hundred and forty centimeters’ raises questions about our relationship with the stigma of ‘living with impairment,’ and the technical possibilities to determine this even before birth.”

“Headless” by Adrian Jaszczak– Arts and Culture, Open


Photo taken during Artistic Gymnastics Tournament in Poland, participants were 8-12-years-old.

Glasgow; Second City of The Empire. On the run up to the Scottish Referendum” by Dougie Wallace– Portraiture, Professional


Glasgow has the lowest life expectancy in all of Scotland.

“Une Crise Humanitaire2” by Corentin Fohlen– Contemporary Issues, Professional


Guidi Oumarou, 19, sits with her 2-year-old son, Mama Sale, who is being treated for acute malnutrition. The mother and son made it to Chad four-months prior to this photo after spending 2-weeks walking through the bush to escape violence in CAR.

“Futuristic Archaeology” by Daesung Lee– Conceptual, Professional


According to data from the Mongolian government, at least 850 lakes and 2000 rivers and streams have run dry, threatening Mongolians traditional existence.

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