Someone Put A Camera On A Bird’s Nest… You Have to See What It Caught!


The amazing miracle of life happens each and every day,

with many events going unseen, especially those in the animal kingdom.

But one very lucky YouTube user experienced the birth of a bird first-hand,

after a Robin laid its eggs in her backyard. One of the best parts about it is that she caught it all on film,

so you can now see the fantastic event yourself.

For a robin,

laying an egg is not as easy as you might think.

Birds only have one ovary,

compared to mammals which have two, so they’re only able to lay one egg per day.

In total, robins won’t usually lay more than 4 eggs.

Like other birds, they’ll stop laying as soon as their clutch is complete.

Until the entire clutch is full, they also actually allow the eggs to stay cool so the babies in the already laid eggs don’t start to develop. This way, all the eggs will hatch around the same time.egg-hatching-2

Robin mothers will sit on the eggs for about 12-14 days, the female usually doing all the incubating. Even in good weather, they’ll rarely leave the eggs for more than 5 or 10 minutes, ensuring that the eggs are kept both warm and safe.

Eventually, after months of resiliency from the mother robin, the eggs hatch. But it’s not easy for a chick to escape from their first home, and it takes quite a bit of effort. They first break a hole in the shell with their egg tooth, a hard tooth-like structure on their beak.

They then must struggle as hard as they possibly can, with several rest periods, to get out of the shell. Sometimes it can take an entire day. egg-hatching-3They’re blind at first and require a lot of food and protection until after about 9-16 days when they leave the nest.

You can see the entire hatching event of a robin chick on the video. It starts out focused on a collection ofbeautifully blue robin eggs in a nest. If you look at the furthest egg to the right, you’ll notice a small crack and just barely see something moving inside.egg-hatching-4

The hole slowly widens as what looks like a small beak pushes up against it. Its beak pokes out further and further as the entire egg shifts while the bird moves inside, continuing to push its way out.

Eventually, the crack grows larger and the chick partially pushes out of the egg, its peach colored, bare body finally exposed. The top portion of the shell falls off and you get a glimpse of the birds head as it continues to try to fully escape the egg.egg-hatching-5

You can see its body move with every breath it takes, and it’s definitely working hard. Its work finally pays off though when it fully gets its head out, then kicks one leg out of the shell to expose its body further. However, it’s still partially enclosed in the shell, and it keeps trying to push itself out of the egg. It rests between every attempt, but always tries again until it finally succeeds.

As it fully escapes from the egg, you get a first real look at the bird’s face, its beak and small and big eyes closed in its first moments out of the shell. It’s such a beautiful moment and something truly amazing to watch!egg-hatching-6